Nordic Urban Spaces, an exhibition for more liveable cities

EFFEKT, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, White Arkitekter, C.F. Møller, ADEPT, Avanto Architects, 3XN, COBE, Henning Larsen Architects, C.F. Møller,

Berlin, Germany,

The exhibition Nordic Urban Spaces.

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Nordic Urban Spaces, an exhibition for more liveable cities The exhibition Nordic Urban Spaces. Inspirationen für Stadt und Raum or inspirations for cities and spaces at the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin showcases Scandinavian projects that improve the quality of life in the city.

If you're travelling and won't be able to make it to Scandinavia but manage to take in Berlin, then here is an exhibition that will take you to northern Europe without an actual visit. Nordic Urban Spaces. Inspirationen für Stadt & Raum displays examples of Nordic architecture and urban planning projects that, apart from showcasing some ideas for the future of cities, also deliver concrete, built examples to improve the quality of life in the city.
The Felleshus, (which in Danish means 'house for everyone') in Berlin, Germany is jointly run by the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Until 28 September you can take a plunge into the worlds of urban Scandinavia there, before the space is cleared for the photography exhibition opening on 4 October, called “Architektur und Landschaft in Norwegen” featuring German photographer Ken Schluchtmann, curated by Janike Kampevold Larsen and set up by creative agency Bluescope.
Nordic Urban Spaces. Inspirations for Cities and Spaces shows us just how much Scandinavia's particular climate - the Nordic summer is filled with light and sun, its winter is long and dark - affects its architecture, which attempts to come up with appropriate responses. Our readers will already be familiar with many of the numerous projects on display because we've featured them here; for example, projects by 3XN, Adept, Avanto, C.F. Møller, COBE, BIG, Effekt, Henning Larsen Architects, JKMM and White Arkitekter, , just to name a few of the long list of Scandinavian firms represented there. Here, you can see successful examples of Nordic building and planning, which bring summer to the city (like the city swimming zones) and at the same time, add colour and light in winter (like the brightly coloured subway stations).
Innovative and clear, thoughtful and participatory: this is how the Nordic Embassies describe this exhibition, which also shows that functionality and sustainability, design awareness and elegance are not mutually exclusive. It's no surprise then that nature plays an important part in almost all the projects - bridges blend into the backdrop like works of art, a circular walkway cantilevers over the sea. And all the projects strive to keep their environmental impact as low as possible, seeking to actively help improve the quality of life in their respective cities.
One of the most striking aspects is how much citizens are involved in the development of their cities. This engagement is taking hold in other countries too, like Italy that is advancing the “active citizen” concept. This ensures that everyone can have their say, even animals because there are also expert urban planners in some of these cities who acknowledge their needs. The exhibition also showcases examples of alternative forms of cohabitation with projects that take into account contemporary social dynamics to give people who are without a family or resources a tranquil, liveable future. This also includes public spaces that boldly proclaim the desire for multi-purpose use.
Nordic Urban Spaces. Inspirationen für Stadt und Raum is also sustainable in itself: no new elements were built for the exhibition, almost all the materials used were recycled from previous exhibitions
The exhibition programme includes workshops for children, a specialist seminar on “Building with Wood” and a range of architectural talks with experts from the fields of urban planning, architecture, and design. The programme was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning at the TU Berlin.
If you love Nordic architecture and more, and you're in Berlin during the holidays, don't miss this truly special opportunity!

Christiane Bürklein

Exhibition Nordic Urban Spaces. Inspirationen für Stadt und Raum
from 6 July to 28 September 2018
Felleshus, Nordic Embassies, Berlin, Germany
Find out morei: http://www.nordischebotschaften.org/ausstellungen/nordic-urban-spaces


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