PASSAGES INSOLITES in Quebec City celebrates its tenth anniversary

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Quebec City celebrates the tenth edition of PASSAGES INSOLITES, the famous public art festival promoted by EXMURO arts publics and presented by the city of Quebec. From 22 June through 9 October the city becomes a canvas painted with a grand spectacle of creative expression, displaying the work of 40 local and international artists in a number of venues.

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PASSAGES INSOLITES in Quebec City celebrates its tenth anniversary
The summer has brought back PASSAGES INSOLITES, a public art event conceived by EXMURO arts publics and the Québec City, held every year since 2014 in the Canadian city’s historic centre. The tenth edition of PASSAGES INSOLITES is much more than the long-awaited return of a popular outdoor public art exhibition circuit; it includes performances, ephemeral installations, and a series of wall paintings and indoor exhibitions. This year’s edition also includes a walk down memory lane, with a "retrospective route" paying tribute to memorable artworks from previous years that have made their mark on the cityscape.
The artists featured this year include Felice Varini, a French Swiss artist known for his large-scale site-specific anamorphic paintings for historic monuments, urban sites of particular importance and museums all over the world. His monumental creation „Double interwoven concentric circles“ is perfectly harmonised with the outlines of Quebec’s iconic Place Royale. Varini allows onlookers to go right into the painting and walk around, observing deconstructed fragments, until one particular point of view resolves the visual enigma and offers a consistent vision of the overall form. 

Large-scale works of art are flanked by small wonders such as the extravagant creations of Swedish collective AnonyMouse. At street level around Place Royale and the Old Harbour, their meticulously created models offer glimpses of an imaginary world in which mice live lives parallel to our own, collecting objects discarded by human civilisation to build their elaborate homes. In Quebec, the anonymous collective proposes a radio station, a tavern, a travel agency and a shelter for homeless rodents.

The outdoor artistic circuit PASSAGE EXTÉRIEUR presents a total of 18 public works of art. A new feature of this tenth anniversary edition is a Retro Circuit featuring photo tributes to iconic artworks from past editions.
PASSAGE INTÉRIEUR’s indoor exhibitions take place in the "epicentre" of PASSAGES INSOLITES at 27 Rue Notre-Dame, where five site-specific installations dialogue with the architecture and heritage of the historic Maison Hazeur in Place Royale.
In the middle of August, the mural circuit PASSAGE MURAL began in a place where graffiti art has been thriving for many years, Îlot Fleurie. Here 13 graffiti artists created artworks on the pillars of the Dufferin-Montmorency overpass. The joint project by Street Art In Action, Québec Nova Murale and EXMURO will continue after the close of PASSAGES INSOLITES 2023 on 9 October to ensure that as many people as possible will have an opportunity to visit it. 

The ephemeral artworks in PASSAGE ÉPHÉMÈRE include pop-up performances by street artists and immersive participatory installations. 
PASSAGES INSOLITES 2023 showcases in particular the talents of indigenous artists, with six Wendat artists and one Atikamekw artist included in the programme, beginning at the opening ceremony in Place Royale on 22 June.
The festival includes plenty of opportunities to get together, including guided tours from 2 to 3 pm every Thursday and Sunday and Happy Hour Talks offering an opportunity to meet the artists behind PASSAGE ÉPHÉMÈRE. The tenth edition of the festival of art and public space is more exciting than ever. Vincent Roy, executive and artistic co-director of EXMURO Arts Publics, sees the festival’s tenth anniversary as a turning point for EXMURO, „a chance to celebrate the many projects that lie ahead for us, and the event’s unlimited, and still untapped, creative potential! In the end, what these ten years have taught us is that locals and visitors in Quebec City crave the surprising and the extraordinary.“
We can’t wait to see what the festival has in store for us next year!

Christiane Bürklein

Passages Insolites
22 June through 9 October 2023,
Ville de Québèc, Canada
organised by EXMURO arts publics and Ville de Québec
Images: Stéphane Bourgeois
List of artworks:
Andicha n'de Wendat 
Eruoma Awashish (Opitciwan community, Atikamekw Nation) Interior work - Kakike Ickote (Eternal Fire), 2023
Exterior work - Kakiwimowok (They Whisper), 2023
Ludovic Boney (Quebec City) - Family Gathering, 2019
Quebec and Canada
Christophe St-Onge Aubut and Nicolas Chalifour (Quebec City) 
Berceurs du temps (Montreal/Germany) - Lulling Time, 2016
Jasmin Bilodeau (Quebec City) - The Era of the American Dream, 2023
Cooke-Sasseville (Quebec City) - The Judgment, 2023
Patrick Forchild (Quebec City) – Dreamy creations imbued with nostalgia.
Jarus (Toronto) 
Cooke-Sasseville and MC Grou (Quebec City) – Birds of a Feather, 2023
Pierre&Marie (Quebec City) - Big Other, 2023
Camille Rajotte (Quebec City) – Merry-go-view, 2023
Cyrielle Tremblay (Quebec City/Mexico) - 
Pacha (Quebec City) - Colorimetric space reconstruction. 
International artists
Felice Varini (France/Switzerland) - Double Interlaced Concentric Circles, 2023
AnonyMouse (Sweden) – Little Quebec, 2023
Bebar (France) .
Elisabetta Consonni (Italy) - Zeno's Second Paradox, 2016
Baptiste Debombourg (France)
Interior work – Dark Tide, 2023
Exterior work – Radical Nature, 2023
Estefan (Belgium) 
Sam Laloux (Belgium) 
Leiga (Brazil) 
Luzinterruptus (Spain) - Literature vs. Traffic, 2012
Medianeras (Spain/Argentina) 
Precy Numbi (Democratic Republic of Congo/Belgium)