flora&faunavisions’ Utopian Garden, where science, nature and art come together



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Utopian Garden, an immersive installation in three chapters by award-winning design studio flora&faunavisions, invites people to enjoy an experience combining science, nature and art, in a virtuous example of "edutainment", an emerging sector ideally combining entertainment with educational opportunities.

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flora&faunavisions’ Utopian Garden, where science, nature and art come together 
Our readers will still remember Genius, an immersive, exploratory experience seen through the eyes of the visionary „homo universalis“ Leonardo da Vinci which was highly successful for months on end in Berlin. Utopian Garden is the latest new project by award-winning design studio flora&faunavisions, working in the vanguard of today’s new technologies, at the point where light, artistic media, language and digital structures intersect. Creative acts that challenge and enrich our perception of how we live in spaces and how we absorb stories, moments in time and the world around us. Utopian Garden had its world premiere in Seattle/Tacoma, hosted by Tacoma Arts Live, and is about to set off and travel the world.

The 45-minute fully immersive adventure revolves around co-creation. At the crossroads of art, science and nature, visitors find themselves surrounded by an enormous digital projection, actively giving shape to their narration in Utopian Garden. The artistic installations are infused with elements of gaming and interactivity, and this gamification adds an exciting level of involvement, inviting spectators to become active participants in the artistic experience. The dynamic original sound design completing the breathtaking digital art allows Utopian Garden to offer a truly hypnotic experience.

Divided into three chapters, the installation exhibits the harmonious blend of science, nature and art, creating a digital paradise that goes beyond the viewer’s wildest imagination. In the SCIENCE chapter, curiosity is the focus of attention, exploration is encouraged, and the marvels of the repetitive models found in nature are revealed as visitors are offered an opportunity to create and play with "supershape" elements inspired by mathematical and scientific formulas. The NATURE chapter looks at the essential resources supplied by our planet. In gamified interactions, participants cultivate four different types of "seeds" that produce plants of crucial importance for our survival, for use as medicines, food, materials and energy. Taking care of these plants feeds the development of the Utopian Garden. Lastly, the ART chapter invites guests to question their own perspectives and embrace transformation. With artificial intelligence, this segment allows participants to manipulate and reconstruct forms and plants to build their own Utopian Garden. The grand finale reveals the co-created masterpiece in all its splendour.
But that is not the end of the voyage. After the show, visitors are invited to participate in a laboratory where they are offered a range of activities for all ages: from leaf rubbing to making "seed bombs" and ecological pins, this hands-on experience illustrates the exhibition’s teachings while allowing visitors to transform their inspiration into tangible creations. As an extra touch, participants can leave their own projects behind and take home one of the creations made by previous visitors, reinforcing the key concepts of sustainability, community and connection explored in Utopian Garden. This educational component demonstrates how small steps can open up the way to a better, more sustainable world. 

"Utopian Garden invites visitors to embrace the hopeful, playful aspects of our connection with nature," says Leigh Sachwitz, founder and CEO of flora&faunavisions. " We want to highlight imagination and inspiration, giving participants the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and each other by exploring the concept of utopia“.
On the basis of the conviction that learning is more effective when accompanied by joy, the project combines immersive entertainment with educational lessons to create an experience that encourages joy and sparks creativity. We hope to see Utopian Garden come to Europe soon!

Christiane Bürklein

Concept, design & production by flora&faunavisions GmbH 
Soundtrack: Julian Ganzer & Ilja Coric
Sound Design: Julian Ganzer / Studio Kreuzberg
Music Games - Art, Science & Nature by Asako Fujimoto
Interactive programming by Wirmachenbunt GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Tacoma, US
Year: 2023
Images: courtesy of flora&faunavisions