Ivrea reopens its doors: Welc-Home to my House 2023

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Once again this year, Ivrea - the industrial city of the 20th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - opens its doors for visitors to marvel at Olivetti’s architecture, with involvement from local citizens and a media partnership with Floornature. There are two weekends available - 23/24 September and 30 September/1 October - as well as days dedicated to photography and architecture on 22 and 30 September respectively.

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Ivrea reopens its doors: Welc-Home to my House 2023
This year, Floornature is once again a media partner for a unique event: Welc-Home to my House in Ivrea, which sees the city opening up the extraordinary architecture developed by Adriano Olivetti to the public. We have been following the news of this Piedmontese city with great interest for years, ever since photographer Gianluca Giordano started his research project ‘Olivetti. Immagini di una storia industriale’ (Olivetti: Images of an Industrial History) over a decade ago in 2012. Giordano’s work cast light on the extraordinary quality of Ivrea’s architecture, which ultimately supported the official candidature of ‘Ivrea, Industrial City of the 20th Century’ as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ivrea contains buildings designed for production, administration, and social and housing services, all of which embody the ideas of the Movimento Comunità (Community Movement), founded in the city itself by Adriano Olivetti in 1947. With this, the industrial city of Ivrea became a significant example of 20th-century urban planning and architectural theories which were developed in response to sweeping social and industrial transformations, including the transitions from mechanical to digital technologies. Because let us not forget that Olivetti’s first foray into the world of electronics started in an experimental laboratory in the Tuscan city of Pisa, where the ELEA 9003 - the first commercial transistorised mainframe computer in Italy, and one of the first in the world - was invented in 1958.

During the annual Welc-Home to Ivrea event - a project promoted by various institutions including the City of Ivrea, the Ministry of Culture, the Piedmont Regional Government, the Metropolitan City of Turin and many more - the Olivetti-designed buildings and private homes, which together constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site, open their doors for the public to enjoy a rare glimpse within, specifically on 23, 24, 30 September and 1 October. Just like last year, participants can visit the buildings on a tour aboard a vintage 1950s bus, departing from the Ivrea UNESCO Visitor Centre and making stops including the Unità Residenziale Est and the Palazzo Uffici, with its iconic staircase. A unique two-hour experience that allows visitors to explore some of Ivrea’s architectural wonders, all designed in accordance with Adriano Olivetti’s trailblazing social, political and business vision. For the more actively-inclined, there are also walking tours which include the Nursery (undergoing renovation), Casa Blu with Ettore Sottsass’ staircase, and the Library.

The programme also includes two opportunities for debate and discussion. On 22 September at the Chiesa di San Bernardino - which recently became a FAI heritage site - visitors can attend an evening dedicated to Bell’Italia magazine, which has planned an ideal route through the city of Ivrea with the help of the magnificent photos of Gianluca Giordano, who will be present along with Emanuela Rosa-Clot (Editor-in-Chief of Bell’Italia), Susanna Scafuri (Photo Editor of Bell’Italia) and Carlo Migliavacca (from Bell’Italia Head Office). The event will be starting at 6:45pm.
On 30 September, meanwhile, there is an event from 10am to 2pm: ‘Colazione con l’architetto’ (Breakfast with the Architect) at the Salone 2000, centred around the theme of ‘Urban regeneration and industrial archaeology’. The event, moderated by Christiane Bürklein for Floornature, will involve contributions from Alex Cepernich (Studio Cepernich), Enrico Frigerio (Frigerio Design Group), Kristina Knauf (Studio LAND) and Cino Zucchi (Studio CZA).
If you are passionate about architecture and industrial history, this is a truly unmissable opportunity to discover Ivrea’s unique heritage through the eyes of Adriano Olivetti. Book your place early and get ready for an exciting, unique experience. See you in Ivrea!

Christiane Bürklein

WELC-HOME TO MY HOUSE http://welc-home.eu/
Images courtesy of Gianluca Giordano


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