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2012 - 2021: Next Landmark celebrates its 10th edition

Launched in 2012 by magazine with the support of Iris Ceramics Group Foundation, Next Landmark is an international online competition which aims to highlight projects by young architects and designers.

Conceived to promote the fundamental role of design culture and social dimension of construction, Next Landmark serves as a medium to encourage creativity and knowledge in order to deliver innovative developments and offer tomorrow’s professionals an opportunity for visibility and advancement.

The future of sustainable living.
This is the leitmotif and inspiration behind the ideas competition which is based on the fundamental relationship between people and their surroundings, cross-sector expertise and disciplines, and the need to grasp rapid changes currently taking place, anticipating these changes and providing a practical contribution to architectural design.

Over the years, a wide range of participants have taken part in previous Next Landmark competitions, becoming active in an online community which now comprises more than 1,500 members from all over the world.

Its ten year history extols the importance of nurturing a new generation of creative architects and designers, promoting sharing and offering a real opportunity for engagement and involvement. Next Landmark continues its well-established objective, underlining the challenges for an ever-more sustainable global ecosystem.

Previous Contest

The redesign of external areas adjacent to “Casa Coccapani” nursery school to complete the restoration and seismic upgrading works recently carried out on the building. The ideas contest will provide us with innovative solutions to rethink areas used for the little ones’ outdoor activities and construct a real “EDUCATIONAL GARDEN”.

Next Landmark International AWARD 2021

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