NextLandmark 2018

Welcome to the brand new NextLandmark.
A simple, flexible, dynamic and proactive platform which connect professionals as designers and architects in an exclusive club: the LandMarkers’ Club. NextLandmark is a cutting-edge networking tool created by Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in in the production of high-end ceramic slabs; its aim is to create a relational path between the stakeholders from all over the world. Not only just a system of digital aggregation, but an important benchmark capable of making every member of it a major hub in the LandMarkers network.

Being a Landmarker


Be a LandMarkers means be part of a huge community of professionals who interact together to generate value and knowledge; be a LandMarkers also means be able to benefit a privileged relationship with one of the a world leader in producing high-tech ceramics. Finally, be a LandMarkers means join a service system which gives you visibility, facilitates your business activity and promotes new projects and models.


Special benefits

Join the LandMarkers community means create a direct and personal relationship with the Iris Ceramica Group and getting the opportunity to enhance the specific characteristics of individual cases and projects thanks to the many services provided. The continuous interaction between all the members and Iris Ceramica Group is able to guarantee a customised and quality service, carefully related to the profile and needs of each member.

  • A privileged access to events for members only.
  • A sneak previews of all of the new products such solutions and materials.
  • Exhibition of LandMarkers’ work in special shows in the Group’s exhibition galleries
  • All the interviews and publication of your projects on the portal

Hospitality Interior Design


A new formula, two contests of creativity.

Join the Contest


From The Previous Editions

Find out all the finalists’ projects who took part in the previous NextLandmark’s contest edition.


The winners of the Next Landmark Architectural SKIN

Gregory Lacoua and Ellevuelle Architetti are the winners of the sixth edition of Next Landmark, the international contest sponsored by Floornature, the Iris Ceramica Group architecture and design Web


Giancarlo Mazzanti: Marinilla Educational Park Colombia

Giancarlo Mazzanti’s Marinilla Educational Park has won the Next Landmark 2016 award. Mazzanti continues his research into the use of public space as social space in Marinilla Educational Park, an e


Urban Spa: a PKMN workshop with students in Chihuahua

Urban Spa is the winner of the Next Landmark 2015 contest, in the Landmark of the Year category. The project was created from a workshop by the PKMN studio with students from ISAD,Chihuahua (Mexico).


Ellevuelle architetti’s Casa Esse wins the 2014 Next Landmark contest

The winner of the third Next Landmark international architecture contest organised by Floornature is Ellevuelle architetti of Italy, for Casa Esse, a new construction in the countryside near Forl&igra


Murakaji: architecture and landscape in Irimote

The winners of the second international Next Landmark contest, held by Floornature to draw attention to the work of young architects all over the world, are Shoko and Naoto Murakaji, whose residential


Elisa Minari: Vivenda para todos

The winner of the prize for “Research” in the first international architecture contest held by Floornature under the title “Next Landmark”, Elisa Minari, has come up with a pla




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