Iris Ceramica Elementi: the primordial fascination of stone, earth and lava

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Inspired by the pristine natural world in which human beings took their first steps, Iris Ceramica’s Elementi project brings all the fascination and simplicity of primordial elements such as Earth, Lava and Pietra di Sciara stone to spaces for everyday living.
Numerous sizes, colours and decorative pieces contribute to a form of contemporary design rooted in the intimacy of nature, in line with today’s most refined trends

Iris Ceramica Elementi: the primordial fascination of stone, earth and lava
Always a source of inspiration for design, nature is still one of the principal references for the textures of new surfaces, in terms of forms, effects and colours.
Drawing on the classic tradition of surface coatings, the most refined materials still include stones, marbles, woods and resins whose innermost essence has direct ties with nature.
The materials’ colour palette is always extremely expressive, now as in the past, thanks in part to the possible combinations of different sizes, decorative pieces and special items.

The result is a contemporary dimension of living overflowing with charm and fascination, thanks in particular to the versatility of materials such as high-tech ceramics, permitting customisation of spaces and creation of new alchemies.
Drawing their inspiration from nature, ceramic materials speak primarily to our psychological and spiritual dimension, reducing everyday stress and improving quality of life and comfort.
The Elementi project by Iris Ceramica draws inspiration from these reflections in a collection of porcelain floor coverings and semi-gres wall coverings that have particularly strong ties with nature.
Iris Ceramica has been a leader in the industry for many years now, producing top-quality products, ceramics offering particularly high technical and aesthetic performance with a mission centring around protection of the environment and prevention of pollution.
Elementi is Iris Ceramica’s new collection of porcelain surface coverings available in the Pietra, Terra and Lava finishes.
Terra is a "simple, archaic" surface in which powdery hues of grey, black, brown and white are underlined by a gently undulating texture. Available in two finishes and in traditional sizes (as well as the recent new 120x120 cm size), Terra also includes two decorative pieces featuring curvy graphic motifs.
Lava, on the other hand, is a more primordial, vibrant surface with a "graduated texture and dark edges".
Backgrounds are modulated in five different colours, hot and cold, to which we may add the variable patterns of decorative pieces with a familiar vintage look. 
Elementi Pietra interprets a traditional Sicilian stone, Pietra di Sciara, which is formed in a unique landscape where ancient rivers of incandescent magma once ran.
"Enigmatic and primeval", Pietra appears solid and compact, in five neutral hues adding new depth and refinement to spaces.
The Elementi project is completed with a vast selection of semi-gres surface coverings: solutions with a simple, linear appearance available in a vast range of pastel colours, along with an original selection of proposals in bright iridescent colours abounding in subtle hues and unexpected chromatic variations.

Marco Privato