Color Studio: balance and harmony for a custom-designed home

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With a wide range of easily combinable colours and artisanal formats that become decorations, Color Studio is a Porcelaingres ceramic collection permitting effortless creation of captivating atmospheres and personalised spaces. Balance and harmony are maintained in all design solutions thanks to the line’s clean forms and unsaturated colours

Color Studio: balance and harmony for a custom-designed home
When leafing through today’s interior design catalogues, or browsing the many available internet sites and social network pages, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of interior decorating colours and styles available throughout the year.
Design trends change with growing rapidity as one technical advancement follows immediately upon another and materials and trends from past years come back into style.
So how can we find our way around in this continually changing imagery and choice of proposals for homes and offices?

The only compass we can truly rely on is our ability to understand what solution makes us feel best, immediately and in the long term. There is in fact no such thing as a "right or wrong" colour, a new product that we absolutely must buy, a style we need to follow or a model we need to adapt to immediately; but some spaces surround us with a feeling of well-being and reflect our personality, while others simply do not.
Hence the need for customisation, that is, the aspect most strongly characterising contemporary design.
In practical terms, there are suggestions that can favour this kind of customisation, without however being imposed as actual rules, such as use of neutral colours that are easy to combine, formal cleanliness, the possibility of creating different atmospheres with just a few non-invasive changes, and attention to detail.
These are some of the key factors, which continue to be valid and contribute to our choice of a particular material, product or company rather than another, without necessarily following the latest fashions.
Creation of a custom-designed home is one of the goals of Porcelaingres, a prominent producer of top-quality porcelain surfaces in Germany.
The brand’s many collections include Color Studio, a collection perfectly representing the concept of the "custom-built home". 
Composed of 8 naturally unsaturated colours, Color Studio presents a highly varied colour palette allowing colours to be combined in different ways, effortlessly mixing and matching warm and cold hues.
In addition to textured matt surfaces, these materials feature "a soft glow that livens the material” for an unconventional look.

Alongside the basic colours available in numerous conventional sizes, Porcelaingres offers a large number of hand-cut formats emphasising the mix & match effect of different colours. 
These include squares, triangles, diamonds, rhomboidal and trapeziodal shapes, mosaics and strips of different sizes. These can be combined together to create all kinds of patterns, from the simplest to the most complex, for ever-different solutions and effects. As may be seen in the gallery, the variety of solutions that can be obtained with Color Studio offers the perfect response to the desire for customisation of contemporary spaces.
With an easily combinable colour palette, it is easy to create a clean, harmonious look in all the spaces of the home, with a perfectly balanced, natural appearance.

Marco Privato


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