Bottega d’Arte quality surface coverings: the charm of handcrafted red body tiles

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Iris Ceramica’s new Bottega d'Arte collection revives all the nobility and value of the history of ceramics with an emphasis on quality workmanship in red clay. Five finishes in a single classic tile (15x15 cm), in which craftsmanship, artisanal forms and creativity are the prestigious distinguishing features.
Like the products of a “Renaissance workshop”, these red body tiles are works of art for quality contemporary surface coverings

Bottega d’Arte quality surface coverings: the charm of handcrafted red body tiles
The world of surface coverings in recent years has offered numerous new proposals casting light on the technical evolution of products and workmanship with materials.
This constantly evolving technological process has given rise to the most important design trends for contemporary floors and walls
We have seen the rediscovery of fascinating exotic and vintage surfaces, the glorification of precious stones and materials from worlds far removed from traditional classic surface coverings, such as fabrics and industrial archaeology.
All this is made possible by the great versatility of high-tech ceramic, a material that now plays a starring role in interior design, thanks to its unrivalled technical and aesthetic evolution.
High-tech ceramic now marks another step in its evolution, reinterpreting hand craftsmanship, terra cotta and the "minor arts" with their bold creative and decorative impact.
The hand craftsmanship underlying classic manual workmanship had already risen to the rank and dignity of what are known to as the "fine arts" at the time of William Morris’s Arts and Crafts movement.
This is the inspiration for Bottega d'Arte surface coverings by Iris Ceramica, a world leader in surface coverings since 1961, with its high-quality porcelain and ceramic surface coverings for residential, contract and industrial projects.
Bottega d'Arte "refined haute-couture ceramic claddings" evoke the craftsmanship of a Renaissance workshop and the identity of the brand’s home territory, Emilia Romagna. 
Craftspeople in this part of Italy have always taken advantage of the presence of red clay in the area, an ancient tradition reflected in the history of the Iris Ceramica Group.
First unveiled at Milano Design Week and officially presented at the recent 2022 edition of Cersaie, Bottega d'Arte is a semigres collection of five finishes in a single classic size typical of the tiles of the past, 15x15 cm: TerreLustrate, TerreLucide, TerreCotte, TerreCotte Oro and TerreLucide Oro.
The colour palette embraces three major colour families, starting with the tiles’ natural colour, underlining their matt hues with its satin-like quality, and continuing with glossy and reflective hues creating a soft, brilliant look that accentuates the intensity of the colours. 
Then there are TerreLustrate, polished surfaces "full of pearly iridescent reflections that illuminate the material and make the chromatic tones bright and vivid".
But the Bottega d'Arte project stands out for more than this: the presence of the raw material in the local area permits production of 0 km sustainable ceramics.
The combination of Iris Ceramica’s industrial capacity with the classic dimension of hand craftsmanship underlines the originality of a product that is truly "handmade".
Thus the material takes on the value of a work of art or product of skilled tailoring, in which a major decorative and experimental component becomes the key added value for a plurality of contemporary spaces.

Marco Privato


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