Freedom of expression and the utmost customisation: Iris Ceramica semigres wall coverings

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Craftsmanship, tradition and design come together in Iris Ceramica’s fascinating collections of wall coverings.
Countless sizes, colours, finishes and decorations permit the utmost creativity, producing surfaces with a bold visual impact which are highly original and easy to mix and match

Freedom of expression and the utmost customisation: Iris Ceramica semigres wall coverings
The popularity of wall coverings has revived in recent years.
Wallpaper, decorations, woodwork and customised graphics are only a few of the decorative wall coverings transforming walls into surfaces of great expressive power.
At a time in history characterised by great eclecticism, it’s only natural that such solutions should have cut out an important niche for themselves in contemporary design.
New materials and digital printing systems have led to rediscovery of a decorative and handcrafting tradition that has always preserved its charm, though in recent decades it has often been set aside in favour of colder minimalist atmospheres.
But now people are rediscovering the pleasure of warm, cosy spaces, thanks to surfaces in bright, bold colours that find their natural place on the walls as part of the décor.
This is the case of the wall coverings offered by Iris Ceramica, whose rich catalogue centres around originality, attention to detail and freedom of expression.
The last of these is a particularly important aspect: in addition to chromatic variety, which is evident right from first glance, it is above all the numerous sizes, finishes and decorations that allow people to satisfy their desires and the requirements of their designs, with modular or mix-and-match combinations. This is reflected in the semigres collections presented here: Maiolica (in the 10x30, 20x20 and 60x20 cm sizes), Aura (10x30 cm), and May (10x20 cm).
Maiolica is the collection best combining traditional hand craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetic research. Designed for all kinds of spaces in the home and elsewhere, Maiolica includes refined, highly colourful details abounding in vintage charm. The vast colour palette alternates classic neutral hues with brighter, more intense shades against backgrounds with a slightly faded lived-in look, creating new colour effects and laying schemes. 
Aura, on the other hand, is "an art project with an artisan mood which combines an urban aesthetic with simple lines and contemporary graphics". A new interpretation of bare brick, the collection is "simple but beautiful" with subtle tactile hues, yet sophisticated with surprising shades and glossy and matt finishes. Aura is produced in a single size of wall tile to underline "the repetitive scheme so dear to the industrial and urban aesthetic". The variety of different decorations is an exception, adding motion and originality.
Inspired by the "warm, pasty hues of the earth", May is a particularly energetic collection incorporating dream-like hues and well-calibrated natural elements. Creative, with an immediate visual impact, May has a mystic charm, a new version of ethnic flavours and memories, floral geometries recalling antique hand-painted cement tiles, with a great variety of patterns for high-impact visual solutions.
At the same time, the collection makes no secret of its experimental vein, as is clearly evident in its vast colour palette embracing all the colours typically associated with Mediterranean nature: from classic black and white to earthy hues, from sky tones to the green of vegetation and the bright hues of flowers and sunsets.

Marco Privato