Seventyonepercent: balance and harmony for contemporary bathroom furniture

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Starting from the concepts of integration, balance and harmony, Seventyonepercent by the Iris Ceramica Group offers refined and unprecedented solutions in the wellness & bathroom furnishings sector.
Designed by Paolo Castelli, the new brand is the concrete expression of a design culture that seamlessly combines technical innovation, with the best Italian craftsmanship. The result is an exclusive bathroom characterised by a strong aesthetic appeal, in line with the latest design trends

Seventyonepercent: balance and harmony for contemporary bathroom furniture
The contemporary bathroom is one of the rooms of a home in continuous evolution, as showcased in the international exhibitions on this late spring.
Exclusiveness, luxury and a strong dose of experimentation are the strengths of a space that confirms its traditional identity, yet reinterpreted in line with the most contemporary needs.
A bathroom that conceptually resembles a beauty farm and a personal and domestic spa, made to measure.
A space which, in fact, incorporates all those characteristics highly sought-after in environments dedicated to well-being and body care: relaxation, intimacy and the search for psychophysical balance.

Each element contributes to defining the best atmosphere of the contemporary bathroom, starting from the visual aspect and moving on to the stimulation of the other senses. 
The contribution of natural and artificial light, of surfaces and of coverings, right down to the details of the various objects and of the taps is therefore essential.
The overall atmosphere is much more impactful than the simple sum of the individual elements, in a holistic, harmonious and personal design vision.
Among the most interesting newly launched lines we find the captivating and refined Seventyonepercent project, a collection focused precisely on exclusive furnishings for the wellness & bathroom sector.
Launched by the Iris Ceramica Group holding company, world leader in the production of high-tech ceramic, the new business unit presents Paolo Castelli’s launch collection, consisting of four lines: Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties.
Seventyonepercent seamlessly combines highly relevant values such as environmental awareness and originality, incorporating technical and artisanal know-how, the refinement of exclusive materials and the excellence of Made in Italy.
The philosophy of the new brand is encapsulated in its founding values: integration, balance and harmony.
Starting from these values, the bathroom becomes the expression of an exclusive place of regeneration and of "living", enabling several elements to coexist in a harmonic and functional manner, as it happens in nature.
From a materials point of view, Seventyonepercent is above all a demonstration of the great versatility of high-tech ceramic, bringing together resistance, stability and beauty, easily combining with many other materials such as wood, brass, metal and glass.
The Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties lines offer a range of "solutions characterised by a strong aesthetic appeal and sinuous geometries, precious details, material contrasts and plays of light".
From a production point of view, the collaboration between the Iris Ceramica Group and Paolo Castelli S.p.A. also testifies precisely how it is possible to translate the rules of "good design" into concrete objects, for a result that is not only aesthetic but also functional, able to anticipate new stylistic codes.

Marco Privato

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