Beyond the boundaries of wall coverings: the innovative aesthetic of Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA 

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With an approach unfettered by the expressive constraints of tradition, Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA puts an original twist on the world of surfaces, creating a new iconography for the everyday.
The versatility of ceramic as a material allows it to create highly evocative hybrid spaces featuring combinations of different kinds of metal, glass and sheet metal - and now, even transparent packaging plastic in the recent Pluriball range

Beyond the boundaries of wall coverings: the innovative aesthetic of Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA 
In contemporary interior design, one of the most immediately eye-catching aspects of any room is the combination of types, the simultaneous presence of different, mixed-and-matched materials and objects, creating a personal, hybridised and highly appealing aesthetic result.
This blend is probably the most important factor in creating any tailor-made environment, capable of reflecting the many facets of a design which, in turn, reworks and reinterprets today’s dynamic and eclectic society, springboarding off keywords such as aesthetic research, originality and experimentation.
The very same guidelines found in the Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA production: the homestyle dedicated to the world of contemporary surfaces.
Aesthetically charming yet undeniably surprising, the collection created by these two great 100%-Italian brands offers a bold selection of products tied together with an unmistakable style that highlights the material whilst at the same time commenting on the eclectic world of contemporary living, spanning both the public and private dimensions.
Based on its characteristic freewheeling approach to design, Diesel Living has spent the last few years forging a fruitful and synergistic relationship with major furnishing, lighting, giftware and fabric brands of all kinds.
IRIS CERAMICA is an internationally-renowned point of reference amongst high-tech ceramic manufacturers, thanks in no small part to its wide-ranging production which recreates every type of surface imaginable with originality, creativity and flair.
These two brands coming together for the Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA project has resulted in a sensory journey through aesthetic contrasts, a boundless exploration of the broadest iconography, with eclectic, adrenaline-fuelled and often provocative visual results.
All this is made possible by the unparalleled versatility of high-tech ceramic, the material that has smashed what were once thought to be the aesthetic boundaries of wall coverings, but also the limitations of format and concept associated with traditional décor.
Starting from the foundation of a truly vintage spirit, Diesel Living with IRIS CERAMICA is much more than simply a collection of ceramic slabs.
It sets the stage for the captivating industrial style, for example in Industrial Glass, a line of Semigres coverings, in the interweaving of mesh and sheet metal featured in Fence, in the discolourations and abrasions of Alurock, and more.
A new vision of the metropolitan style emerges from the reflections of City Lights, a symphony of shades and nuances, whilst the futuristic Liquid Cosmo finds its counterpoint in the dynamism of magmatic rock in Liquid Stone, with the recent addition of the new 120x120cm size.

These are just some of the suggestions arising from a project that is still very much evolving, very recently joined by Pluriball, a new collection of 20x20cm Semigres wall coverings available in Rosa, Black, White, Blue, Lilla and Cobalto.
Freshly presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022, Pluriball “explores the most eclectic and intriguing dimensions of ceramic as a material, transforming the inspiration provided by the sheets of clear plastic bubble wrap used to pack and secure goods into an original expression of material with a contemporary yet sophisticated spirit”.

Marco Privato