Ancient charm and new inspiration: Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica surface coverings

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The seductive, unexpected materials proposed by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica have allowed high-tech ceramics to go beyond the confines of surface coverings and become a new visual experience.  Canvas, leather and metal are only a few of the materials that high-tech ceramics have brought back in original, innovative ways for interior design, broadening the horizons of contemporary surfaces and creating a new collective imagination

Ancient charm and new inspiration: Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica surface coverings
Ceramic surfaces have come to play an increasingly important role in interior design in recent years.
One reason for this is the high level of technological innovation achieved, so advanced that all the principal covering materials can easily be reproduced in high-tech ceramic.

The catalogues of the best ceramic surfaces therefore include the timeless attraction of precious marbles, classic and exotic stones, and the warmth of prestigious varieties of wood, as well as the original look of resins, metals and concrete, to mention only a few finishes.
In view of this evolution in the world of surface coverings, formerly tied to the material qualities of traditional products, in recent years the ceramics industry has been discovering its true identity as a real creative laboratory, characterised by bold experimentation and a focus on the future, even while drawing inspiration from the recent past.
When discussing new aesthetic developments in the world of surface coverings, it is inevitable to mention one of the most interesting partnerships that has emerged in recent years: Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, one of the most innovative brands in the manufacture of quality ceramics
Established between 2015 and 2016, the partnership combines "unmistakable Diesel Living Style Office designs with the Iris Ceramica R&D department’s expertise". Two great Italian companies join forces to express a shared vision with a focus on an evocative new narration for contemporary living.

Drawing on a visual universe ranging from pop culture imagery to planetary and astral symbolism, from graffiti to post-industrial effects, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica has given form to numerous collections sharing the same bold visual impact and great freedom of expression.
The quality of Iris Ceramica porcelain permits a highly versatile approach to a great variety of spaces ranging from residential projects to hospitality, and from the contract industry to retail.
This unique flexibility gives life to original customised spaces, establishing the perfect balance between intimate, private spaces with socialisation and hospitality.
The examples appearing in the gallery clearly demonstrate how the surfaces in the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections become the fulcrum of attraction and the visual focus of the interior design.
Camp is a line of floor and wall coverings inspired by canvas and jute (including 10x30 cm brick wall pieces). The line reinterprets the love of military style with great elegance and tactile purity, in a "linear, rigorous, tactile" spirit with smooth, shiny surfaces.
The result is attractive contrasts and surprising effects. 
The irregular harmony of leather is the fascinating source of inspiration for Hard Leather, a collection of porcelain floor coverings telling a story which takes "the image and tactile sensation of textured, worn leather as the starting point for an attractive, on-trend surface".
Its simple, neutral colour palette is ideal for contemporary spaces in a bold, intriguing mood, and is extremely easy to mix and match.

Alurock revives the look of metal in a new bold, anti-conformist dimension.
In this fascinating interpretation, the collection creates an underground style and atmosphere, with apparently imperfect textures made up of discoloured patches, drops and scratches, that "reveal the passage of time, yesterday’s history brought up to date".

Marco Privato