LUCE collection: fascination and innovation on spectacular ceramic surfaces

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All the aesthetic power of ceramic combined with the decades-long know-how of the Iris Ceramica Group comes to life in Guillermo Mariotto’s innovative LUCE collection. 
The soft, light, elusive and ever-changing spirit of these ceramic surfaces, recalling the refined drapery of quality tailoring, is ideal for the bold character of contemporary spaces

LUCE collection: fascination and innovation on spectacular ceramic surfaces
As visual tool of primary importance, light plays a key role in architectural design, particularly in contemporary interior design.
Design uses light, or the absence thereof, to define spaces of all kinds, whether public or private, creating the desired atmospheres through use of reflections and shadows.
Both daylight and artificial light bring to life matter and reality as they appear to our eyes, adding value to the details and to the whole.
Precise, skilful use of light can reveal the qualities of spaces, harmoniously moulding the movements of surfaces, objects and furnishing accessories.
One of the most innovative materials on today’s market for surface coverings, high-tech ceramic makes use of light to define the look of contemporary spaces, adding an extra benefit in addition to the unrivalled performance offered by the variety of available finishes.
The advantages of high-tech ceramic include extreme resistance, versatility and ease of use in a great variety of settings.
These include use as a custom decorating accessory thanks to the possibilities offered by ceramic maxi-slabs.
The result is original kitchen and bathroom countertops, shelves, chairs, steps and even backlit surfaces, to mention only a few of the most popular design solutions.
In this vast range of custom design solutions, light is treated as one of the elements making up the ceramic material, as is evident in the LUCE collection designed by Guillermo Mariotto for the Iris Ceramica Group.
The collection expands on and continues the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades-long history of technical innovation and aesthetic research, combining technological know-how with the long tradition of ceramics and the creativity of Italian design

The collection dialogues with "sinuosity, warmth and movement allowing the true soul of surfaces to emerge from the shadows" while giving high-tech ceramic the "lightness and luminosity of precious fabrics and the softness and refinement of quality hand tailoring".
The colours in the collection, Pearl, Black, Blue, Gold, Silver and Grey, create precious, almost indefinable 3D textures offering plenty of character and nuances for a material that appears to ripple and be fluidly transformed at every glance.
As well as creating sophisticated, original furnishings and accessories, the collection’s large size, 300x100 cm and 100x100 cm, underlines both the effect of the changing hues and the collection’s decorative soul, while intensifying the impression of warmth and refinement.

LUCE is designed for internal applications and refined, elegant exteriors, or for prestigious architectural and urban renewal projects, and is distributed and sold by Iris Ceramica, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea; it is also available as eco-active Active Surfaces®.

Marco Privato


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