Hypertouch: a new way of designing surfaces and interiors

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Design, creative freedom, and ease of use are just a few of the most obvious qualities of Hypertouch, the Iris Ceramica Group’s new invisible technology for improving the appearance and performance of today’s smart homes.  
With a simple touch, Hypertouch activates an integrated system of home automation sensors, offering all the beauty of continuity in materials.
Hypertouch recently won the prestigious award for "Most Intelligent Domestic Device" in the 2022 Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards, presented by the famous international design and lifestyle magazine

Hypertouch: a new way of designing surfaces and interiors
When innovation meets quality design, the result is often a product offering particularly high technical and aesthetic performance.
The long history of design abounds in cutting-edge solutions, both major and minor, which have rapidly introduced society to new perspectives and new approaches to living.
This continues to be the case, at a particularly complicated time in history which however offers plenty of new opportunities, thanks to the technical and aesthetic versatility of today’s materials.
The ceramic surfaces sector is one of the most dynamic and innovative areas in design.
This is made possible by the many pioneering solutions that have established new trends in recent years responding to consumers’ new tastes and requirements. 
The Iris Ceramica Group has been a leader in research and innovation in ceramics for more than 60 years, as demonstrated by the many top-of-the-range solutions it has produced over the past decades, manufactured and sold by the Group’s many brands.
One of the most recent and interesting of these new developments is Hypertouch, an innovative invisible technology adding to the practicality of design while guaranteeing the utmost creative freedom and ease of use.
Designed to raise the standards of ceramic surfaces and adapt them for the smart homes of the future, when simply pressed, Hypertouch turns on an integrated system of home automation sensors to switch on and off lighting and audio-video devices, control doors and windows and set the room temperature.

Hypertouch improves the continuity of materials, eliminating the need for unsightly cover plates and switches and allowing technological controls to blend into the surfaces around them.
The area for activating these controls can be identified as the designers wish, creatively using "sanding, screen-printing or other forms of processing or using minimal, transparent icons that are easy to apply and go with any colour and finish".
At the end of September, its ability to innovate in the smart home earned Hypertouch a prestigious acknowledgement when Wallpaper* named it Most Intelligent Domestic Device in the second edition of the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022.
This is one of the most important interior design awards, presented by Wallpaper*, the world’s most important international design and lifestyle magazine and a landmark in architecture, design, art and technology; "the contest that celebrates objects, accessories, services and instruments combining beauty, design, innovation and style to improve our lives and make the places we live in more beautiful, smart and functional". 
The prize was awarded by a group of professionals and experts from the worlds of journalism and design, judging candidates on the basis of quality, innovation and user experience.

Marco Privato