New interiors with customized graphics: DYS - Design Your Slabs

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One of the purposes of contemporary design is to create increasingly original and customized interiors. You can now create your own tailor-made space using ceramic surfaces and the Iris Ceramica Group’s DYS - Design Your Slabs digital printing solution. 
This decorating technology service fulfills the need to make the most of every interior space, whether public or private

New interiors with customized graphics: DYS - Design Your Slabs
Interior furnishing nowadays offers a variety of solutions to customize interior environments, from domestic to public and commercial ones. 
Many of these options belong to the world of decoration, a particularly attractive and expressive sector that offers tailor-made solutions made to create pleasant and highly personal interiors.
Decoration has always been part of the architectural language, but from the modernist era to the more contemporary one, it has mostly been sidelined to make room for movements and styles that have established themselves worldwide, such as minimalism.

But decoration is now experiencing a resurgence, often making a decisive contribution to defining the atmosphere of everyday interiors.
Thanks to their appeal and the ability to easily adapt to numerous uses, the most popular solutions can now be found in the world of surfaces and claddings.

Among the latter, the most technically and aesthetically efficient material is undoubtedly technical ceramic, which can recreate effects, textures and now images as well, thanks to on-demand decoration services, including DYS - Design Your Slabs by Iris Ceramica Group.
Technically, Iris Ceramica Group slabs are top of the range in terms of strength, resistance, ease of cleaning and durability.
Aesthetically, the various brands of the holding company offer a wide range of ceramic products, formats, decorations, and special pieces, ensuring maximum versatility and making it easier than ever to match accessories and furnishings.
Available through the various group brands that produce large-format ceramic slabs, DYS is a digital printing technology service that creates unique claddings, in a way that was unthinkable until a few years ago, in an endless choice of colors and shades.
Design Your Slabs presents three different solutions, giving shape and substance to the most creative ideas.
Customized graphics, whether transparent or opaque, can in fact be applied to the ceramic material, while the exclusive luxury system uses metallized inks to produce a truly unique aesthetic result.
The details and decorations thus form on the technical ceramic surface and provide inspiration for solutions ranging from the most minimalist to the most elaborate.
Extremely versatile and complete, DYS - Design Your Slabs has multiple applications, even in public and collective spaces, such as airports, subways and stations, where it can be used not only as a decoration but also for internal signs for example.

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