Beauty and comfort for living: new Hypertouch design for ceramic surfaces

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The many new developments in ceramic surfaces in recent years include Hypertouch, an innovative invisible capacitive technology that underlines the design and continuity of surfaces by eliminating the need for separate switches and plates. 
A technical and aesthetic innovation in line with the Iris Ceramica Group’s vision of design over the past decades, constantly improving quality of life and the home

Beauty and comfort for living: new Hypertouch design for ceramic surfaces
One of the principal goals of design has always been improvement of quality of life.
This goal is achieved through pursuit of improved functions for materials, applied to the beauty of the finished product.
New developments are the order of the day in many parts of the home, such as the kitchen and the living room, especially with today’s new “smart” lifestyles. 

Technical innovation in various devices has therefore become oriented toward maximising energy savings, simplifying life, and improving our living comfort and security.
These are very important steps in the direction of maximising home automation, which are possible only in the presence of extremely versatile materials and a far-reaching vision of design.
This vision has been a pillar of the Iris Ceramica Group for more than sixty years. The group has set the standard world-wide in ceramic surface coverings, pioneering many of the changes now underway in the world of contemporary surfaces.
These include ceramic maxi-slabs, a tangible example of practicality and innovation applied to surfaces. 
Unthinkable at one time, ceramic maxi-slabs can cover up to 4.5 square metres with a single slab, combining breadth with the light weight of very low thicknesses to take full advantage of all the material’s versatility.
This evolution of the ceramic slab led to a series of important consequences right away, now considered among the best new developments in architecture of the last decade. 
These include visual continuity between indoors and outdoors, the possibility of creating furniture and installations on demand, and development of curved and backlit surfaces
The Iris Ceramica Group still leads the way in the introduction of new developments in the industry thanks to the versatility of its ceramic surface coverings.
Hypertouch is a new invisible capacitive technology that further adds to the functions of design, for the increasingly automated home.
Built-in sensors allow Hypertouch to underline the design and continuity of surfaces by eliminating the need for separate switches and plates. 
Simply touching the surface is enough to turn on and off electrical systems such as lighting, temperature control, audio-video and doors and windows.
"Designers can use all their creative skills to indicate the activation area, using sanding, screen-printing or other finishes. The area can also be easily marked using the controls supplied: minimal, transparent icons that are easy to apply and suited to all colours and finishes."
Hypertouch is now applicable to all ceramic surfaces made by the Iris Ceramica Group brands, up to 12 mm thick; the Group continues to work on future integration of multiple control and home automation functions. 

Marco Privato


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