Creative freedom and customised design: DYS - Design Your Slabs

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The latest new technological solutions and the versatility of ceramic materials have allowed decoration to return to a role of prominence in interior design. 
The Iris Ceramica Group’s high-tech DYS Design Your Slabs service permits reproduction of any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs to customise residential, public and collective spaces

Creative freedom and customised design: DYS - Design Your Slabs
In recent years, interior design has rediscovered the value of decoration, which has rapidly become a key element in customisation of spaces for everyday living.
Decoration played a role of secondary importance in interior design for many decades, primarily because the idioms of modern and contemporary architecture allowed little room for elements such as ornamentation, considered far removed from the dogma of the principal schools of thought and movements in architecture. 
But decoration has always been present in human living spaces, and has frequently played a very important role, testifying to cultural, social and artistic evolution in various civilisations, acting as a mirror of the times as well as a highly attractive element.
These aspects of decoration have never been lost, merely set aside for a time.
Now, in the age of images, which abound everywhere thanks to the internet, the desire to customise spaces has once again become a primary concern in design, and decoration is undergoing a great revival, especially when it comes to surfaces and coverings.
One of the best examples of this may be found in DYS Design Your Slabs, a digital solution proposed by the Iris Ceramica Group.
A key player on the global market for ceramic surfaces, the Iris Ceramica Group draws on decades of experience in the world of surface coverings. The products sold by the Group’s many brands and constant technological innovation allow the group of companies to bring the age-old history of ceramics up to date, reinterpreting its handcrafted and artistic qualities.
DYS Design Your Slabs fits into this context combining innovation with tradition: great expressive power underlines and enhances the most advanced digital printing techniques to create custom-designed spaces following the latest design trends in decoration.
DYS is a high-tech service that can reproduce any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs, "from the largest to the smallest sizes, from traditional to more innovative formats, this system decorates any type of surface, offering unique customisation every time," with no limitations on colour or hue.
Details and decorations come to life on the Iris Ceramic Group’s ceramic maxi-slabs, providing inspiration for versatile design solutions ranging from minimal to the most elaborate.
DYS has amazing potential for application: allow yourself to be inspired by the creative freedom the printing system allows, permitting application of DYS for a great variety of different purposes.
DYS can of course be used to decorate all the spaces in the home, as well as retail spaces, wellness centres and spas, gyms and all kinds of dining and leisure facilities, as well as public and collective spaces such as airports, subway and railway stations, where it also offers an excellent solution for internal signage.

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