Sapienstone: design ideas for the kitchen of 2023

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Kitchens featuring black and white high-tech ceramic surfaces are setting the trend for the new year. Easy to combine with any colour, particularly practical and resistant, porcelain is literally the “top” for the kitchen thanks to its aesthetic qualities and great range of different styles, as will be clear in the catalogue of Sapienstone, the first brand concerned solely with production of kitchen countertops

Sapienstone: design ideas for the kitchen of 2023
High-tech ceramic will once again be the best solution for kitchen furnishings and renovationsin 2023.
Tables, countertops, islands, peninsulas, wall shelving and all other surfaces for this key space in the home can easily be customised to respond to personal requirements and tastes, thanks to the unique properties of ceramic materials.
The Sapienstone catalogue offers an unrivalled range of materials for the kitchen in the new year, appropriate for a great variety of styles ranging from the most classic to the contemporary and minimalist.
Sapienstone kitchen countertops are recognised as the utmost expression of resistance, practicality and durability, underlining the atmosphere created in the kitchen with their easy mixing and matching with different surface effects, such as marble, wood and concrete.

The trendiest colours for the kitchen of 2023 once again include a wide range of black and white hues, presented here. 
While what makes the difference among whites is the different hues, intermediate shades and different kinds of veining (as in the marble effect), black surfaces for the kitchen represent a bold stylistic choice dictated primarily by criteria of elegance, versatility and easy combinations.
White marble-effect kitchen countertops
As we have seen, white is a timeless classic in the kitchen, and will continue to be one of the most sought-after and widely appreciated colours in 2023.
The many Sapienstone white marble materials stand out for their innate luminosity and ease of combination with contrasting colours, including both warm and cold hues, as in the case of the Calacatta Light porcelain kitchen countertop.
The Calacatta family also includes other refined, welcoming materials, such as Macchia Vecchia, ideal in combination with either pastel hues or metal faucets and accessories and wood-effect surfaces, such as Rovere Baio.
Other white marble proposals include the pure white with delicate grey veining of Premium White and delicate Bianco Lasa, with its golden stripes. In both these proposals, kitchen design harmoniously combines strictly traditional and contemporary spirits.
Matt, glossy and glittery black surfaces in the kitchen
Black in the kitchen of 2023 represents a very trendy stylistic choice, highly refined and elegant
A number of common misconceptions concerning black surfaces in the kitchen are easily proven false by the high-performing qualities of Sapienstone porcelain, which is always easy to clean, resistant to wear and abrasion, practical and safe even in direct contact with very hot or cold food and containers.
The recommended proposals include timeless Dark Marquina, characterised by a dark background crossed by fine, irregular white veining: a surface of particularly bold character conveying a natural sense of intensity and power.
Other dark-coloured collections include black countertops with matt surfaces. The Sapienstone catalogue includes a number of materials which are not as bold in impact as Dark Marquina but equally pleasing and sophisticated, such as Urban Antracite and Basalt Black.
Particularly glossy materials include Malm Black, a new interpretation of iridescent dark metal, available with a natural or semi-gloss finish.
Completing the range of dark materials for the kitchen, glittery black kitchen countertops such as Black Diamond and Seminato Nero are capable of "incorporating metallic and iridescent hues in their structure, contrasting with the dark background to create brilliant patterns".

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