Porcelaingres Stardust: harmony and originality in colours inspired by clay

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Porcelaingres’s Stardust collection combines the tradition of clay, a versatile material with a very long tradition, and the industrial evolution of high-tech ceramics, in a colour palette of elegant, delicate earthy colours, enriched with prestigious hues. All this is made possible by granules and flakes of “stardust” in a multicoloured blend, arranged in a harmonious random pattern

Porcelaingres Stardust: harmony and originality in colours inspired by clay
Of all the materials that human beings have been using since antiquity, clay plays a very special role in a large number of fields thanks to its multitudinous uses, including production of ceramics.
Properties such as easy use and malleability have been well-known and appreciated since the dawn of humanity, but what we want to focus on here in particular is its appearance and how it is applied in the world of surface coverings.

The colour palette of clays belongs to the realm of earthy colours, with great naturalness, recognisability and immediate perception of reassuring solidity.
In its neutral and pastel hues, clay offers a high-impact solution for a multitude of different spaces and styles, from the most classic to the contemporary.
Easy combination of a neutral textured surface covering such as clay often represents an additional advantage not only for designers, but for clients too, who are increasingly aware, demanding, and well-informed about the latest design solutions for the home.
For all these reasons, Porcelaingres draws its inspiration from clay in the Stardust collection, reinterpreting the material with a contemporary twist using trendy colours such as aquamarine and ocean blue.
Stardust is a collection of high-tech ceramic slabs intended for a great variety of spaces, decorated in either classic or contemporary style, and is available in Moonlight, Ground, Aquamarine, Terra, Ash, Lava, Ocean, and Clay versions.
Colours featuring a wealth of subtle hues to create a realistic, authentic effect are embellished with a harmonious blend of granules and flakes in a variety of colours and sizes, randomly sprinkled over its surface.
Numerous sizes are available (100x100, 60x60, 60x120, 30x60 cm), in two possible thicknesses, with an elegant natural finish.
The technical versatility of porcelain and the functional look of the material reproduced make Stardust a practical, comfortable solution for a variety of uses.
The collection can be effectively used in public places, workplaces and hospitality facilities, or used in the home to underline the design of the kitchen, bathroom or living room while maintaining its own visual qualities.
The resistance of Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic always keeps up with the highest standards in the industry, thanks to its even, compact volume obtained with firing at ultra-high temperatures (1300°) to guarantee essential aspects of performance such as impermeability, hygiene and stain-resistance.
To further underline the collection, "the LOOK+ technology which allows you to simulate the randomness and uniqueness of natural and handmade materials".
In line with the company’s sustainability policy, the collection stands out for being made of 40% recycled material, underlining the green spirit of Porcelaingres, whose corporate identity focuses primarily on compliance with values such as sustainability and ecology.

Marco Privato