The seductive power of granite: FMG Maxfine floors, walls and furnishings

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Powerful, seductive, highly expressive: the granite effect is the key to a new collection of FMG Maxfine porcelain slabs. A range abounding in elegance and charm, offering a sophisticated solution for spaces in both classic and contemporary style

The seductive power of granite: FMG Maxfine floors, walls and furnishings
Of the many natural sources of inspiration for interior design, volcanic rocks and stones stand out for the great variety and originality of their textures and pigmentation. 
The appearance of magmatic rocks is the result of very slow cooling processes in the earth’s crust, revealing at first glance all the expressive power, compactness and strength of natural stone such as granite.
Used by all civilisations since the dawn of humanity, granite still plays a key role among covering materials, primarily thanks to the presence of different minerals that give it ever-different, always original looks.
At Cersaie 2022, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, the top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, presented a new collection of granite-effect porcelain slabs adding to its already vast catalogue of Maxfine maxi-slabs.
FMG Maxfine maxi-slabs are versatile and beautiful covering materials for all principal types of contemporary architecture: homes and public places, retail spaces, offices, bars and restaurants, and boutiques. FMG’s granite-effect collection may be laid on floors and walls, or used in custom-made furnishings, permitting the utmost freedom of design.
Let us take a closer look at the new varieties of ceramic for design in 2023, Alaska White, Celeste Aran, Deep Norway and Labradorite.
Brilliant, luminous Alaska White is a granite-effect surface characterised "by bold personality and authentic flavour". Delicate yet powerful, like the rock that inspires it, Alaska White granite is available with a Pre-polished finish for a classic look as well as a new Lapped version offering an elegant style "capable of underlining the product’s three-dimensionality with the effect of glossy and matt surfaces". 
Celeste Aran MaxFine is inspired by a rock quarried in the Aran Valley of the Pyrenees, after which it is named.
It has a granular texture and a greyish-blue colour with patches of white, producing fascinating results of primordial beauty. Its expressive wealth makes this material perfect for spaces in both classic and modern style. Produced in five different sizes (from 300x150 cm to 75x37.5 cm, with a thickness of 6 mm), Celeste Aran is a richly expressive material ideal for all styles, from the classic to the contemporary. 
Deep Norway MaxFine is the darkest material in the granite-effect collection. Refined and seductive, Deep Norway features a medium-grained deep grey background, brightened up with delicate white speckles. A material evoking ancestral emotions, Deep Norway is available with the new Glint finish, "a shiny, brilliant surface with a refined iridescent effect".
Sophisticated, precious Labradorite is inspired by the stone from Canada’s Labrador Peninsula. Its dark surface "reverberates with an intense play of colours and metallic reflections, varying from blue to green with hints of ochre".

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