The fascinating aesthetic variety of granite: new FMG collections for classic and contemporary spaces

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Granite is one of the most resistant and versatile rocks on earth, thanks to its unique constitution, which has always fascinated architects and designers.
Now FMG offers a collection of new-generation high-tech porcelain slabs inspired by the appearance of various types of granite, restoring the unique fascination of one of the world’s most elegant, evocative materials to spaces for everyday living

The fascinating aesthetic variety of granite: new FMG collections for classic and contemporary spaces
Traditionally a source of inspiration of designers and creative artists, nature surprises us with its originality and morphological processes giving rise to materials of extraordinary beauty.
One obvious example is granite, a material whose unique look and great chromatic variety have attracted designers’ attention for many years, as has its technical and aesthetic performance.
Used since time immemorial by the most ancient civilisations, granite is one of the strongest rocks on earth, second only to diamonds.
Its composition includes common minerals such as feldspar and quartz, with the addition of numerous others during a very slow cooling process which solidifies the original volcanic rock in the earth’s crust.
It is the presence of different minerals that gives granite such different textures and pigments.
Natural impurities in the minerals give granite its great variety of colour.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is focuses in particular on the granite effect, adding new varieties to its vast catalogue of Maxfine maxi-slabs presented at Cersaie 2022.
Considered an extraordinary example of versatility, beauty and resistance, granite-effect FMG ceramic slabs are perfect for a variety of different uses in the world of contemporary surfaces, as demonstrated by the new Alaska White, Celeste Aran, Deep Norway and Labradorite ceramic slabs.
Alaska White is the palest and brightest surface in the new Maxfine Graniti collection.
Characterised by a bold personality, the surface offers the ideal solution for "architectures pervaded with soft light", such as bars and boutiques, spas, residential and public spaces, walls, objects and custom-made furnishings
Inspired by a granite extracted in the Pyrenees, in the Aran Valley, after which it is named, Celeste Aran is an FMG granite with a granular greyish-blue texture and white clouds. 
A surface of great visual and formal elegance, it can dialogue with both classic and modern styles thanks to its Lapped finish, "capable of underlining the product’s three-dimensionality with the effect of glossy and matt surfaces", along with a Prelucidato (Pre-polished) finish for a more traditional look. 

With its white dots standing out against a dark grey medium-grain background, Deep Norway is the darkest surface in the new range of FMG granites.
This highly evocative contemporary surface is perfect for residential and contract projects, offering a great variety of different solutions.
Labradorite exudes the archaic attraction of a stone originally from Canada’s Labrador peninsula. Its dark texture "reverberates with an intense play of colours and metallic reflections", varying from blue to green with hints of ochre. The result is a highly original material with a magnetic attraction, for atmospheres of rare beauty and uniqueness.

Available in Maxfine maxi-slab sizes, FMG granite-effect porcelain slabs can also become "smart surfaces, thanks to Hypertouch technology, in which simply touching or gently pressing the slab, which incorporates a system of home automation sensors, allows you to control lighting, heating, audio-video systems and window shades".

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