Fiandre Architectural Surfaces Il Veneziano: all the attraction of contemporary classic style

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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces revives the age-old, much-loved artisanal technique of Venetian terrazzo flooring in the high-tech ceramics of the Il Veneziano collection, paying homage to fifteen-century Venetian palaces with a dazzling harmony of colours and variety of grains and sizes offering timeless grace and elegance for homes, public places and commercial spaces

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces Il Veneziano: all the attraction of contemporary classic style
The classic and the contemporary often coexist side by side in interior design, thanks primarily to use of traditional artisanal materials updated in response to the needs of contemporary living.
This style, referred to as "contemporary classic", combines the aesthetic properties and values of both trends.
Characterised by refined elegance, the trend incorporates age-old elements such as decorative pieces and inlays, curtains, drapery and upholstery, while its architecture features fireplaces, columns, arches and moulding.

High-tech ceramic offers its own contribution to this style, with floor and wall coverings reinterpreting the surfaces of the past with a contemporary twist.
One obvious example is Venetian terrazzo flooring, which has an ancient history and was already used in constructions as long ago as classical Greece and Rome.
A timeless flooring material, Venetian terrazzo flooring is a traditional surface covering made up of chips of marble and stone. It rose to popularity in Renaissance times in Venice, where it covered the floors of noble villas and palaces as well as places of worship. 
Today, Il Veneziano is one of the top collections of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, a top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group (link). The versatility of high-tech ceramic makes Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ new interpretation of Venetian terrazzo a significant example of a contemporary classic surface covering.
The Il Veneziano collection returns to the timeless look of Venetian terrazzo flooring made from chips, flakes and fragments of marble, combining it with the extremely high performance of porcelain on the basis of carefully selected natural raw materials and non-toxic pigmented powders.
The highly expressive collection includes surfaces and overall atmospheres characterised by effects of light and visual harmony. 
The 6 surfaces in the collection, Candido, Argento, Nero, Beige, Miele, Bruno, all have a warm, pale neutral background colour that is subtle and easy to match with other materials in any setting. Its great scenographic value makes the Il Veneziano collection ideal for covering surfaces in a variety of settings, from refined, luxurious homes to commercial spaces, from restaurants to medical centres and leisure facilities.
In addition to the obvious beauty of the composition, Il Veneziano high-tech ceramic flooring solutions make use of all the potential of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ high-tech porcelain flooring. These features include compactness and extreme resistance to shocks, tread, stress and wear, as well as chemical products and atmospheric agents.
Orders for more than 1000 square metres can also be supplied in the form of antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-pollution and self-cleaning Active Surfaces, an innovative method that keeps surfaces safe and hygienic using natural or artificial light alone.

Marco Privato