New Marmi Maximum surfaces: the fascination of unique, surprising design

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Fascinating and highly decorative, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ new marble-effect surfaces add to the vast catalogue of Marmi Maximum maxi-slabs. 
Patagonia, Panda White and Blue Tempest are very different surfaces sharing the same chromatic variety and wealth of detail, ideal for floor and wall coverings and for furnishing accessories

New Marmi Maximum surfaces: the fascination of unique, surprising design
Marble is still one of the most popular materials for contemporary surfaces.
Marble floors, walls and furnishings are much appreciated by the market and professionals in the field. 
Architects and designers see a number of qualities in the brilliant and highly detailed surfaces of marble that add to the perceived value of spaces, underlining their atmospheres while making the most of the designers’ stylistic choices.
Marble-effect high-tech ceramic represents the most prestigious version of this material today, in a product that is highly resistant, unalterable, and easy to install and keep clean.
Marble-effect ceramic slabs underline the qualities of all varieties of stone, from the rarest to the most prestigious, with their unique chromatic shading and ever-different textures and veining.
Ceramic maxi-slabs further add to the potential of a product that can be laid over larger surface areas, without any interruptions or asperities, and is therefore ideal for producing kitchen countertops, tabletops and coffee tables, chairs and bathroom furnishings.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers a great variety of marble-effect surfaces in its Marmi Maximum range.
This vast and highly varied collection has now been expanded further with three new materials, Patagonia, Panda White and Blue Tempest Maximum, solutions adding sophistication to interior decorating and architecture projects. 
Patagonia is a very unusual material in the Marmi Maximum collection characterised by clearly interwoven geometric shapes that can be underlined in book-match laying schemes. The design of these surfaces makes them prestigious and never banal, pleasant to the touch with a pre-polished or honed finish. 
The key colour is cream, in all its variations, with inclusions varying in hue from brown to black and opalescent parts.

Panda White Maximum is a Maximum surface abounding in "sinuous veins and light ripples that add extra colour to the pure white background". A dynamic wavy texture unfolds against a pale background, adorned with solid black and intermediate shades of grey, with delicate inlays here and there in hues varying from green to amaranth. 
The new glint finish creates special light effects to underline the colour contrasts in the material.
Blue Tempest Maximum is a surface of rare beauty and outstanding visual impact. Ceramic quartzite appears in a multitude of different hues and colours, recalling a speckled sky before a thunderstorm. The colour palette includes a range of blues, from the deepest to the palest, broad white veining, and original brown and orange inlays.
The book-match laying scheme may be used to create effects of symmetry, underlined with a polished finish.
This produces a highly evocative, even spectacular surface effect capable of underlining a variety of designs and furnishings, for the world of hospitality, the contract industry, and shopping experiences.

Marco Privato