New impressions of matter: the PULSAR collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

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The new PULSAR collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents itself as a deep dive into the nature of matter itself, intimately intertwined with the environments that mankind has always lived in. PULSAR is an extremely versatile high-tech ceramic product, made using the full-body technique that transforms every slab into a unique and unreproducible piece, for a sensory experience with a great deal of visual and tactile impact

New impressions of matter: the PULSAR collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
What we are increasingly seeing underpinning the finest contemporary architecture and design projects is an array of materials and styles with a marked focus on the perceptual sphere.
With this, designers are aiming to craft residential and working environments that are the highest possible expression of physical and mental balance and wellbeing.
The reasoning behind this is clear: comfort is no longer merely a superfluous added value, but rather a necessary and positive means of tackling daily stress, one capable of lending our homes a greatly improved quality of life

In their efforts to achieve these goals in a concrete way, we are overwhelmingly seeing contemporary reinterpretations of materials as old as civilisation itself, such as stone, marble and wood.
These are amongst the most traditional covering materials, symbolically connected to the deepest roots of man and now presented afresh in a form that is better suited to the needs of modern everyday life.
These classic materials are increasingly shouldering the aesthetic and architectural identity of both public and private spaces, thus establishing a connection between past and present, suggesting an emotional architectural experience which goes beyond mere materiality.
This is the case with the new PULSAR range of ceramic materials, created by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and presented just a few days ago at Cersaie 2022.
With its five colour options, all offering natural shades - Snow, Graphite, Gravel, Silt and Dune - PULSAR presents “a sensory journey that flirts with other galaxies, an explosion of matter with huge stylistic and emotional value, enhanced by an amazing tactile and visual depth”.
Starting from the particle - in other words, the smallest known constituent part of our universe - PULSAR seamlessly transforms into a covering by ideally passing through an infinite number of combinations: first as mass, then as matter, and finally as a surface.
At first, this suggestion takes shape on the ceramic slab in a visual way, then becoming a tactile experience, finally immersing the viewer in a fully-fledged sensory and emotional atmosphere when applied to the living environment.
The collection is created out of natural raw materials by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces using the full-body technique.
The result is a homogeneous and compact product, capable of retaining its initial appearance all the way throughout its thickness, making it uniform and continuous from front to back.
These properties are paired with the renowned impressive performance of Fiandre ceramics, offering qualities such as strength, durability, ease of cleaning and hygiene. What’s more, the cutting-edge production process starts with a harmonious blend of granules and chips that makes every single slab a unique piece, so no two are ever the same.
Application-wise, PULSAR lends itself equally to use in both classical-style projects and more contemporary ones, with an elegant and elaborate feel.
The colour palette provides an extremely neutral exploration of earthy shades, in muted grey and beige tones, thus facilitating combinations with furnishings and other surfaces and opening up the possibility of bold contrasts.
Upon request, PULSAR can also be supplied as an eco-active surface known as Active Surfaces®, the innovative technology that exploits the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide combined with silver to transform the ceramic slab into a material with innate antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties that are certified to ISO standards.

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