Timeless beauty and innovation: Sapienstone kitchen countertops in the style of Venetian terrazzo


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The beauty of Venetian terrazzo is back with new vigour in the world of contemporary ceramic surface coverings and kitchen countertops.  The countertops in SapienStone’s new Il Veneziano collection - Seminato Candido, Beige and Nero – mark a return to the decorative spirit of one of the most original and sustainable creations of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Their design combining classic and contemporary style makes the surface coverings in the Il Veneziano collection particularly versatile, resistant and practical

Timeless beauty and innovation: Sapienstone kitchen countertops in the style of Venetian terrazzo
Venetian terrazzo has centuries of history behind it and continues to be one of the most popular covering materials for floors, kitchen countertops and custom furnishings in 2022.
Historically associated with prestigious architecture such as places of worship and noble palaces, these surfaces still impress us today with their charm, beauty and decorative spirit.
Their aesthetic combines stone with grit to create a highly expressive visual mosaic, traditionally obtained by blending crushed fragments of marble and stone with plaster or cement.
Terrazzo flooring rose to fame with centuries of use in the villas and palaces in the Venice area and became more widely used, associated with the noble appearance of luxurious interiors that still fascinates us today. More recently, in the time of Liberty or Art Deco style, its appearance was appreciated for its great decorative value, and this type of flooring began to be used in a variety of buildings all over the world.
Ongoing innovation in high-tech ceramics combining strength with beauty has resulted in a new revival of the popularity of Venetian terrazzo flooring.
In addition, the contribution made by innovative full-body porcelain has given rise to a product combining the timeless appeal of Venetian terrazzo with the advanced performance of high-tech ceramic. Seminato Candido, Seminato Beige and Seminato Nero are three new porcelain countertops made by SapienStone, the Iris Ceramica Group brand established to respond to the demands of the contemporary kitchen
The new Il Veneziano collection expands the SapienStone catalogue with a collection meeting a great variety of requirements in the kitchen and above all permitting customisation with personalised countertops and surfaces.
SapienStone offers all the beauty of a decoration created by blending tiny fragments of different materials against a neutral-coloured background.
This neutral background, which continues to set the trends for interior design in 2022, and the versatility of the ceramic material offer designers and architects plenty of freedom in their designs. 
First of all, the neutral background colour goes well with both modern and traditional kitchens, giving the spaces a unique combination of elegance and dynamism.
Secondly, in addition to the countertops of the new kitchens, materials inspired by Venetian terrazzo can also be used in elegant renovation projects that respect the spirit of the interiors of historic buildings.
Important technical features of this material include large slab size, 320x150 cm, for optimal visual continuity, a thickness of 12 mm, and two possible finishes, Natural for a sober look and Polished for a glossy surface. 
While the aesthetic advantages of a product that is versatile and easy to mix and match with anything will be obvious, SapienStone countertops offer an unrivalled combination of technical features when it comes to performance, too. These include resistance to high temperatures and temperature excursions, and to UV and to acidic and corrosive substances, as well as easy cleaning for safe, hygienic surfaces designed specifically to ensure users’ wellbeing.
Drawing on the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of know-how, SapienStone surfaces are made from natural raw materials produced using sustainable processes in zero-emissions factories.

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