Black and dark grey SapienStone for today’s kitchens


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In addition to timeless white, neutral hues and shades of wood, today’s kitchens feature bolder hues such as dark grey and total black. 
The SapienStone countertop catalogue offers a number of solutions of this type, characterised by elegance, easy mixing and matching, and great expressiveness. 
Top-of-the-range ceramics combining aesthetic and technical performance

Black and dark grey SapienStone for today’s kitchens
For many years kitchen design was dominated by timeless colours such as white, various hues of wood and pale and neutral hues in general.
These solutions are still very much in vogue today, with a new contemporary twist. 
But in addition to these, in recent years we have seen the emergence of new colours that have carved out a niche for themselves on the market.

Black is definitely the most innovative colour in today’s kitchens, appreciated for its natural elegance, bold identity, easy mixing and matching by contrast, and fascinating light effects making the most of surfaces and finishes.
The palette of blacks normally includes dark and very dark greys, adding to the range of available hues.
These are proposals included in the wider-ranging context of new versions of the classic kitchen, as will be apparent in the catalogue published by SapienStone, the first porcelain surface brand created specifically to respond to the demands of today’s kitchens, both residential and professional, such as restaurants, cafés and cafeterias.
The great variety of colours and finishes is matched by outstanding technical properties, an essential consideration in today’s spaces.

The unalterability of SapienStone countertops and furnishings is the result of a form of production combining ceramic clays and mineral colours unaffected by heat, light, water vapour, or intensive use of cleaning and sanitisation chemicals: all very important factors in a place such as the kitchen, the room in the home most subject to wear and to the risk of scratching, abrasion and cutting.
SapienStone countertops are very easy to clean without any special cleaning products, using only ordinary soaps and detergents.
Numerous dark-coloured countertops are available in SapienStone’s catalogue for contemporary kitchens, illustrated in the gallery. 
Dark Marquina, one of Spain’s most popular marbles, is a refined, intense shade of black adorned with irregular, dynamic fine white veining. 
The contrast with white is particularly interesting in materials such as Premium White, also characterised by fine, subtle grey veining. 
Noir, on the other hand, is a "warm, mysterious monochrome surface" whose strong point is versatility, as it is appropriate for all kinds of different styles and colour combinations.
Dark grey Basalt Black is an elegant surface that is never invasive, conveying a sensation of power and strength like that of the volcanic rocks that inspire it.

Marco Privato