FMG concrete effect ceramics: all the qualities of the contemporary aesthetic

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The concrete look is one of the most important new interior design trends. Thanks to the performance of ceramic, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti offers a series of collections, including Walk On and the recent Highway, both available in the large Maxfine size. Simple, textured surfaces in hand-made style, they are ideal for covering a great variety of residential and commercial spaces

FMG concrete effect ceramics: all the qualities of the contemporary aesthetic
A key feature of metropolitan and industrial style, ceramic concrete is one of the most interesting new developments in contemporary design.
With a palette of simple, neutral textured colours, concrete offers a series of aesthetic qualities that make it particularly appropriate for covering contemporary surfaces on both floors and walls.

First of all, its extreme formal cleanliness, inspired by the most sophisticated urban spaces, capable of adding value to private or commercial spaces with its high-impact, simple yet fascinating look.
A second important strong point is the ease with which it can mix and match with other materials.
The colour scale of concrete-effect high-tech ceramic surfaces fits perfectly naturally into all kinds of decorating schemes, blending in harmoniously or in sharp contrast, in all cases maintaining a refined formal balance. A third benefit is the evolution of high-tech ceramic, amplified over the years by the success of maxi-slabs.
Covering an area as large as 4.5 square metres with a single ceramic slab (300x150 cm) is ideal for a variety of projects extending visual perception and doing away with the boundaries between spaces in the home, such as the living room and kitchen, to mention only the most obvious example. Where possible, great visual results may be obtained while maintaining continuity between inside and outside. In these cases, concrete is perfect for covering outdoor spaces, as it is by nature a material used primarily outside.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has for many years been at the top of the ceramic market, as a key player offering covering solutions.
The company’s vast catalogue includes Maxfine maxi-slabs, characterised by unrivalled strength, elegance, light weight and versatility.
The many different effects available include concrete, featured in collections such as Walk On and the new Highway collection presented here.
Available in three thickness and three finishes, Walk On explores the potential of the concrete effect through a variety of conventional sizes, square and rectangular in shape, up to the 300x150 cm maxi-slab.
The colour palette includes neutral hues, "from the white Snow to Dusk, perfect for a rock feel, with warm Hazel and Silver, which reproduces natural concrete" and refined hues of Sand.
Highway, on the other hand, is a texture inspired by manually applied concrete, also enhanced by the maxi-slab format. In this case three classic hues (white, grey and black) produce high-impact, expressive results. In Highway, the material becomes “unalterable, solid and impermeable”, making it appropriate for countless applications and uses: floors, walls, façades, bathroom and kitchen countertops and furnishings.

Marco Privato