CM2 Ariostea: the ideal solution for all your outdoor projects

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More and more attractive outdoor design proposals are appearing these days, as outdoor space is increasingly perceived as a natural extension of the home. 
The greater thickness of CM2 Ariostea porcelain slabs offers an excellent solution for outdoor pavements, a guarantee of resistance, inalterability, safety and practicality. The many different colours and textures available permit choice of the ideal aesthetic solution for requirements both large and small

CM2 Ariostea: the ideal solution for all your outdoor projects
Outdoor spaces, particularly the garden, increasingly play a central role in home designs.
These are spaces intended primarily for comfort and relaxation, true extensions of the rooms in the home. 
Where possible, expansion projects of this kind often extend the living room or kitchen outside. This is made possible, for instance, by using big windows that do away with the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, an effect which can be amplified thanks to continuity of materials such as ceramic maxi-slab flooring, effectively reinforcing the sensation of an open-space living room.
In design terms, outdoor spaces are now seen in a new light and, as a natural result, the world of design proposes a series of decorating solutions, lights and objects that have nothing to envy spaces such as the living room and other prestigious parts of the home. The materials must of course be resistant, practical, safe and unalterable, meaning they must guarantee the utmost efficiency and easy maintenance.
When it comes to surfaces for outdoor use, this performance is guaranteed by high-tech ceramic, an innovative and highly dependable material.
In aesthetic terms too, high-tech ceramic offers a great variety of solutions, as revealed by the catalogue of  Ariostea, a leader in the production of full-body high-tech porcelain slabs.
Ariostea proposes the CM2 high tech system for outdoor surfaces: thicker 2 cm ceramic slabs for outdoors, intended for both public and private uses, "easy to install, very easy to handle to inspect any utilities, and easy to reposition in the event of changes to the installation or modifications to the substrate".
All the sizes in Ariostea’s CM2 collection are ideal for laying directly over the most common outdoor substrates, such as concrete screed, gravel, sand and grass.
When laying them in raised applications, it’s important to take into consideration a number of specific features on the basis of size.
Ariostea’s CM2 surfaces offer numerous benefits, including easy laying and cleaning (as they contain no adhesives or stucco); resistance to tensile stress and to thermal stress and dilatation; drainage capacity facilitating drainage of rainwater and preventing potentially harmful pooling.
Ariostea’s range of CM2 porcelain outdoor flooring materials includes the Astra Full Body, Next, Con.Crea., Teknostone and Pietre Naturali High-Tech collections.
The Astra Full Body collection is a recent addition, in 4 warm, bright hues of grey: wholesome natural colours perfect for outdoor use.

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