CM2 Next Ariostea: practical, elegant outdoor surfaces

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Ariostea's CM2 thick ceramic surfaces for outdoor use offer a number of benefits.
Easy to install and easy to clean, they drain off moisture and are resistant to stress, atmospheric agents and loads.'
The Next collection, a new addition to the CM2 range, offers all the best technical performance of quality porcelain to allow you to focus on aesthetic considerations.
An elegant palette of neutral natural hues makes Next easy to combine with trendy furnishings, establishing continuity between indoors and outdoors

CM2 Next Ariostea: practical, elegant outdoor surfaces
After spending the winter months shut up in the house, when spring comes everyone is inspired to renovate and fix up their outdoor spaces, from gardens to balconies.
This growing trend has in recent years produced a proliferation of outdoor furnishings, lights and decorations, a vast choice of attractive items inspiring us to redesign open-air spaces to make them into true outdoor rooms: new spaces that become more than just a green corner of the home in which to take care of plants and enjoy seasonal blooms.
Looking through the available design proposals, the first thing we notice is that this new "room" in the home is often a true extension of indoor space.
No longer just a garden in the traditional sense, it is a place for preparing lunch or dinner, dining in company, reading and relaxing.

All these aspects are conceptually linked with the idea of the living room, which has in recent years evolved into a multi-purpose space.'
Wherever possible, people like to extend the living room to include not only the kitchen but the garden too, maintaining at least some degree of continuity, for instance using big windows to reduce perception of the distinction between indoor and outdoor space. In the same way, flooring, particularly if made of ceramic maxi-slabs, permits material continuity which further amplifies the sensation of an open-space living room.
When discussing outdoor spaces, as always it is not only the look but the quality of materials that makes all the difference.
Outdoors, we need to use products capable of guaranteeing inalterability year-round, which must therefore be resistant, easy to use, safe, and low-maintenance.
On the market for outdoor paving materials, this kind of performance can be guaranteed by high-tech ceramic, an innovative material combining non-slip properties with incomparable resistance to everything from atmospheric agents to temperature excursions, from infiltration to vehicle passage and high levels of pedestrian traffic.
In short, high-tech ceramics free us to concentrate on the aesthetic aspects of our outdoor spaces, without having to worry about their acknowledged and certified technical properties.
This is the case of ceramics made by Ariostea'of the Iris Ceramica Group, an Italian brand known the world over for its decades of experience making full-body high-tech porcelain slabs from natural raw materials, refined and selected all over the world.
The many collections of porcelain outdoor paving materials designed by Ariostea include the new Next collection. CM2 surfaces in 4 solutions in contemporary style, Brick, Crete, Greige and Grey, may be used both indoors'and outdoors.
Next naturally expresses a delicate, elegant atmosphere in a neutral colour palette perfect for all outdoor solutions, with furnishings that blend in for a total look or stand out in contrast.
CM2 is Ariostea's high-tech solution for outdoor paving for both public places and private homes.
Its thickness is increased to 2 cm to make CM2 "very easy to install, very easy to inspect any utilities, and easy to reposition in the event of changes to the installation or modifications to the substrate".

All the sizes in Ariostea's CM2 collection (which includes not only Next but other collections such as Astra Full Body, Teknostone, Con.Crea.'and Pietre Naturali High-Tech) are perfect for laying directly on the floor slab, or over gravel, sand or grass . If laid with raised application, a highly beneficial solution for outdoor pavement, a number of specific features of the surface must be taken into consideration.'
Some of the most important of the many benefits offered by Ariostea CM2 surfaces are easy installation and cleaning, thanks to the absence of glues and plaster; resistance to loads, stress and thermal expansion; drainage capacity facilitating flow-off of water and preventing potentially harmful stagnation.
Removable and highly practical as it is easy to inspect and reuse, Ariostea's CM2 surface in the Next collection is a design solution that improves the quality of the outdoor environment so we can enjoy our time outdoors.

Marco Privato


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