DYS Design Your Slabs: decorate and customise ceramic slabs for all kinds of spaces

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Decoration is seeing a new phase of technical and expressive evolution thanks to DYS - Design Your Slabs, the Iris Ceramica Group’s innovative digital on-demand service. Residential, commercial and public spaces of all kinds can now be decorated with images or illustrations on ceramic maxi-slabs and appropriate submultiples. DYS is a new form of design aesthetics and communication that gives free rein to the imagination, permitting maximum customisation of design

DYS Design Your Slabs: decorate and customise ceramic slabs for all kinds of spaces
Use of images to communicate has been a human priority since the dawn of time.
Now more than ever, in our high-tech, visual age, images are laden with a multitude of meanings and have a lot to say about who we are and our styles and tastes. 
Choosing an image, even in an everyday act such as posting on social networks, is an action that somehow represents us or expresses our thoughts at a particular moment in time.
As visual arts professionals know, an image has a much greater significance than one commonly thinks when casually observing or viewing it.
The main reason for this importance is the fact that the image becomes a part of our visual experience, even if only for an instant, setting in motion a whole series of perceptions, processes and responses which, however unconsciously, influence our relationships.
All of this takes place primarily through the inner circuit that conditions our decisions more than any other: our emotions.
People who work in the many disciplines connected with design are familiar with the potential of images and the desire to continue creating new, original, personal images.
Contemporary design in all its forms is, in fact, wherever possible oriented toward maximum customisation. The tailor-made belongs to and perfectly translates the spirit of an age in which everyone, though part of a community, increasingly wishes to stand out and express his or her emotions, primarily through images.
In the interior design of surfaces, the image is linked primarily with the concept of decoration which has gone in and out of style repeatedly over the past century.
In today’s fluid, multi-ethnic, constantly changing and cross-contaminated culture, decoration has come back in fashion as part of our common heritage and communications, thanks to the performance of today’s new materials and advanced technologies.
The expressiveness of materials is often assigned the primary task of communication, with all the implications this has for design. This means that surfaces –floors, walls, external cladding, countertops, tables and all kinds of other supporting surfaces - are quite vast and complex, expanding and going beyond the original function of the object in question.
As we have seen, today’s technologies have given new vitality to decoration and new methods for its natural function. As surfaces that communicate, decorations have a lot to say about who we are, allowing us to express our sensitivity and represent ourselves.
The DYS Design Your Slabs technological service offered by the Iris Ceramica Group combines these two aspects:
Decoration, offering an opportunity to create any kind of image on large high-tech ceramic surfaces.
Customisation, as the system allows us to freely choose the motif to be printed on the surfaces in our home or business.
This is a very important milestone in the advance of technology: the Iris Ceramica Group’s DYS system exploits the potential of new-generation digital technologies to create a multitude of original decorating ideas on a great variety of different surfaces in different sizes.

Examples of possible applications of the DYS system include creating attractive visually uninterrupted surfaces in the home using large 300x150 cm ceramic slabs.
The smaller-sized tiles make it extremely easy to create fascinating aesthetic and artistic compositions using surfaces inspired by optical effects, geometric shapes, abstract motifs or landscapes.
DYS slabs may be used as items of furniture, laying them on counters, cabinets, doors, or to frame walls, as if they were paintings, creating added value for spaces intended for hospitality, entertainment and dining.
Collective professional facilities such as gyms, pools and wellness centres, as well as airports and metro and railway stations, can combine beauty with practicality, incorporating signs, numbers and positions on ceramic surfaces.
In urban design, DYS also makes it possible to "imagine a new form of visual communication between homes, neighbourhoods and cities".
The performance of Iris Ceramica Group porcelain, the product of decades of expertise and ongoing innovation, guarantees the best long-term chromatic performance outdoors as indoors, due to its non-absorbency and resistance to frost, smog, temperature excursions and UV rays.
Three possible decorative technical solutions are proposed by Design Your Slabs: covering the ceramic material “with customised graphics, applying it transparently onto the surface, or with the exclusive luxury system, using metallic inks with outstanding aesthetic performance either to cover the slab or in transparent form".

Marco Privato