FMG high-tech ceramic surfaces for outdoor use: benefits and beauty, for public and private spaces

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Increasingly refined design proposals for outdoor living are going through a time of flourishing growth and creativity. High-tech ceramic surfaces are perfect for the care and decoration of outdoor spaces, providing a guarantee of resistance, safety, inalterability and easy cleaning and maintenance. FMG’s Twenty collection, in neutral colours that are easy to mix and match, responds to the demands of outdoor living with a variety of laying solutions, from dry laying over grass, gravel or sand to gluing onto a concrete screed or raised floor installation

FMG high-tech ceramic surfaces for outdoor use: benefits and beauty, for public and private spaces
Outdoor design is a rapidly growing trend, according to the latest statistics on web searches and viewing of various websites and social networks. 
The impact of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic has definitely promoted a greener vision of domestic life, among the many effects we have noted in our social lives, relationships and everyday living habits over the past year.
Working from home with children in the house all day has led us to reflect on the spaces in the home and how we use them.
This has required a series of special measures for both interiors and, above all, exteriors, treated as true extensions of the home.
Spaces normally set aside for relaxation, for occasional gardening, reading or rest, have become essential places for enjoying freedom and getting together with friends and family to enjoy meals in perfect safety or work from home.
All this has clearly led to increased demand for homes incorporating outdoor spaces, to which outdoor design is responding with plenty of interesting furnishing and surface covering solutions.
The consolidated trend today is to view the outdoors as an extension of the living room or the kitchen, to the extent that garden furniture has for a number of years now included sofas, armchairs, chaise longues and seats that look as if they were intended for indoor use, of absolutely top quality.
These furnishings are accompanied by accessories ranging from fabrics to an increasingly vast range of garden lighting, but it is the high-tech ceramic surfaces characterising outdoor living projects that interest us here.
Why choose high-tech ceramic surfaces for outdoor use?
High-tech porcelain surfaces fulfil a number of purposes for outdoor living as a result of their specific composition making the slabs impermeable.
This basic property, typical of porcelain, permits ceramic slabs of great resistance to be created: an aspect of primary importance in outdoor living, where it is necessary to allow for stress and adversity due to atmospheric phenomena, heavy loads, and the passage of mechanical vehicles or pipelines, such as irrigation systems.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a global landmark in the production of high-tech ceramic slabs, proposes two flooring systems for outdoor spaces, with thick Twenty (20 mm) and Twenty+ (21 mm) slabs, both intended not only for the residential market but for public areas and wellness projects as well.
FMG Twenty slabs are extremely easy to lay over grass, gravel or sand, or with glue over a screed, depending on the specific requirements and the lay of the land.
They can also be used as raised floors, an especially effective and non-invasive solution highly recommended for outdoor use. 
Easy to inspect, FMG’s raised flooring for outdoor use is the perfect system for balconies, terraces, gazebos, patios and areas served by public utilities, as, for example, irrigation systems can be taken to flowerbeds, creating fountains with light effects.
Twenty also offers a series of additional practical benefits of great importance: floors "are moss- and mould-resistant and cannot be damaged by fertilisers or insecticides, and can be easily cleaned using normal cleaning methods or a pressure washer". 
Moreover, their non-slip surface will be not altered by prolonged contact with salt, making Twenty ceramic slabs particularly recommended for bathing areas in contact with salt water or in the mountains, where salt is spread on roads and walkways in winter.
In aesthetic terms, the Twenty collection offers a selection of 24 surface finishes based on the most popular outdoor surfaces inspired by stone: a colour palette featuring refined contemporary neutral backgrounds, exploring countless variations on beige and grey
These colours are easy to match with various kinds of furnishings, fitting perfectly into both natural landscapes and more urban settings.
To optimise all the requirements of outdoor furnishings, the Twenty line also includes special pieces for public and private swimming pools. These include grids and edging for pools (both rectangular and L-shaped) freely following the shape of the pool with the perfect edge trim, coordinated with the surface and its surroundings.
To these we may add customisable special pieces for outdoor spaces, such as planters, bicycle racks and bench seats.

Marco Privato