Unique welcoming atmospheres: the magic of nature in Fiandre’s wood-effect surfaces

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The look of wood is brought back to life in top-quality ceramic slabs guaranteeing resistance, impermeability, security and durability. Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers two collections inspired by Bois Urban and Eminent Wood, varieties of wood conveying all the evocative power and the natural sense of warmth and shelter of one of the most refined materials for floors, walls and decorations

Unique welcoming atmospheres: the magic of nature in Fiandre’s wood-effect surfaces
Few materials can boast as long a tradition as surface coverings as wood.  
Still appreciated by design fans, wood is perfect for a number of interior decorating styles, with the innate decorative value of its timeless look recalling the magic of nature.
The various different hues used as floor and wall coverings have always conveyed warmth and attraction, the simplicity of living matter, the beauty of flaws such as knots and veining, and a natural sense of shelter.
In darker and lighter shades and a great variety of neutral hues, wooden surfaces cover a highly recognisable range of colours that are easy to mix and match, in line with the principal contemporary design trends.
Today, porcelain is an innovative and resistant material that faithfully reproduces the greatest variety of woods, guaranteeing a series of unmatched technical and aesthetic properties in a single product.
Absolutely impermeable, ceramic is preferable to natural wood in terms of resistance to scratches, blows and stains, safety and durability, to mention only a few of its principal qualities.
The Bois Urban collection "recreates the magic of nature in urban spaces", bringing the uncontaminated nature of the woods into the city, the most anthropic of all spaces.
The original hues and unusual features of wood (knots, veining, stripes) provide the inspiration for these ecological porcelain surfaces, available in four different hues inspired by the scents and colours of the forest: Blanche, Miel, Noisette and Terre.
Available in 90x22.5 cm strips, Bois Urban is an important solution for floors and walls in public and residential spaces, but also as a decorative element for backgrounds and fireplaces or for creating elegant woodwork. 
Available in two colours, Grey and Brown, Eminent Wood is a "fossilised gem, an allegory of the metamorphosis of evolution", in which trees turn to stone while maintaining the original structure of their wood.
This visually powerful collection recalls the age-old process of petrification, combining the vigour of the tree trunk is combined with the mineral composition. 
From the first glance, the result is captivating and unrepeatable, as in nature, making them absolutely priceless. They stand out for the brightness of their colours, enhanced by the intense contrast between the white background and the broad stripes of the Brown version.
Eminent Grey has a more evanescent look, like an abstract painting, in which variegated hues of grey against a white backdrop evoke soft white clouds in the sky.

Marco Privato