The LUCE collection: surprising new visions of ceramic materials

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LUCE is a new project from the Iris Ceramica Group and Guillermo Mariotto: a surface with a thousand faces that fascinates and surprises with its original dynamism. A project abounding in personality, fully expressing the essence and eclecticism of the ceramic material and proposing attractive new solutions for design in 2022

The LUCE collection: surprising new visions of ceramic materials
A key element in design, light plays a central role in visual perception and in the relationship between people and their environment.
Light brings materials to life, enhances their overall appearance and details, reveals and moulds the motion of surfaces and furnishings.
Skilfully used as a visual tool of primary importance, light can express all its great communicative and expressive power, defining and transforming the atmosphere of interiors and their constituent elements.
In the world of surfaces, use of light has particular benefits to offer a material like high-tech ceramic, a key focus of design for many years now thanks to its versatility, resistance and ease of use in a variety of different settings. 
The aesthetic properties of high-tech ceramic are well-known and much-appreciated by architects and fans of today’s design trends.
From the natural look of stone to luxurious marble, from different varieties of wood to the attraction of concrete and resins, high-tech ceramic has evolved over the years beyond the original concept of surface covering to become a true item of décor, thanks primarily to maxi-slabs responding to the demand for customisation.
On the basis of these fundamental aspects of design, the Iris Ceramica Group recently unveiled its new LUCE collection, designed by Guillermo Mariotto.
The new collection continues the Group’s technological innovation and aesthetic research, combining decades of technological know-how with the nobility of ceramics and designers’ creativity.
The result is a variety of fascinating ceramic surfaces featuring indescribable 3D effects of bold character, adding a contemporary twist to the elegance of classic style in line with the latest design trends.
The collection dialogues with "reflections, chiaroscuro and sinuous lines" and gives high-tech ceramic " the lightness and brightness of precious fabrics and the smooth sophistication of hand-crafted tailoring". 
Six shades are available in this group-wide series distributed by the Iris Ceramica, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea brands.
The colours are Pearl, Black, Blu, Gold, Silver and Grey, capable of underlining the material’s "dynamism and 3D effects" to reveal all the wealth of a material that appears to flow and ripple before your eyes.
The 300x100 cm and 100x100 cm slab sizes underline the effect of hues and the decorative pattern characterising each surface while infusing spaces with an intense feeling of warmth and beauty. 
LUCE is a collection designed for indoor applications and sophisticated outdoor uses, ideal for retail and domestic spaces as well for the façades of buildings and uses in prestigious architectural and urban redevelopment projects.
The LUCE collection, like all the Iris Ceramica Group brands’ 6 mm thick collections, is also perfect for making sophisticated, original items of furniture and accessories, thanks to the practicality and versatility of ceramic.
LUCE is also available as an eco-active Active Surfaces® material, patented and certified under ISO standards, offering anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-pollutant, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties . The action of natural or artificial light, combined with the moisture naturally present in the air, allows ACTIVE SURFACES® to perform all these important functions to improve the quality and healthfulness of our spaces and our lives.
The properties of ACTIVE SURFACES® materials allow them to perform these functions in any kind of light, and even in the dark, with a constant action that will not wear off with time.
The LUCE collection is sold by the following Group brands:
Iris Ceramica, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea.

Marco Privato