The living room, between traditional and contemporary

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Large sizes, original aesthetic effects and light as the key element in the home: these are only a few of the most important new developments in surface coverings for the living room made possible by the evolution of technical porcelain. Collections such as GranitiFiandre’s Hq.resin and Magneto translate the power of resins and cements into innovative architectural solutions combining the traditional with the contemporary in original and sustainable ways

The living room, between traditional and contemporary
Constant technical evolution has considerably expanded the potential of porcelain for surfaces in the home, even in the living room, at one time considered the “noblest” room in the house.
A continuous or semi-continuous space, increasingly integrated with the kitchen, the living room may also flow into the entrance hall or into an outdoor space.
This evolution of design leads us to consider the living area as a single big room which is more and more often designed as an open space, not only in new constructions but above all in renovation and conversion projects.
With no particular divisions or visual obstacles, the living room in today’s homes not only promotes socialisation, merging the place where we converse with the place where we dine, but above all brings one of the key elements of architecture into the centre of the home: light.
This new design trend represents a great opportunity for high-tech ceramics, particularly maxi-slabs that add to the brightness and therefore the overall warmth of the home.
Ceramic maxi-slabs also increase the perceived extension of space, thanks to an overall vision that is no longer limited to an individual room but encompasses the entire home.
This becomes particularly evident with the presence of large windows onto outdoor areas, where maxi-slabs can continue to cover outdoor surfaces, emphasising the length of the living area.
The extension of the home out of doors adds new significance to interior design, increasing its expressiveness and harmony and conveying a welcoming, open sensation, also in relation to nature.
The power of large surfaces and light is clearly expressed in the vast product catalogue of GranitiFiandre, a leading maker of top-quality full-body porcelain surfaces.
Operating in more than 110 countries all over the world, GranitiFiandre offers an optimal selection of floor and wall coverings perfect for residential projects and more: the brand’s surfaces are also ideal for use in the contract industry, hospitality, wellness and medical facilities, responding to all the requirements of contemporary living and buildings.
The Maximum collections in the innovative 300x150 cm size make Fiandre the top of the range. Maximum combines the utmost freedom of design with considerable flexibility: "if on the one hand the maxi-slab drastically reduces the amount of breaks in the design unit, on the other the range of sub-formats ensures every type of requirement is met".
The gallery presents a number of collections particularly appropriate for use in the living area: Hq.resin and Magneto.
As the name suggests, Hg.resin technical porcelain explores the particular aesthetic qualities of resin surfaces, available in the catalogue in the maxi-sizes 300x100, 100x100 and 150x100 cm.
Hq.resin is a fascinating, exclusive surface available in four basic colours, White, Cinder, Grey and Dark. Produced with unusual tone-on-tone effects in relief, the collection adds a natural contemporary appeal to the room.
In Magneto, GranitiFiandre revives the timeless original look of cement and adds the innovative touch of finishes with a metallic aftertaste, such as Gold, Rust, Corten, Arctic, Silver and Carbon.
Combining a traditional style with a desire for original new coverings for contemporary spaces, Magneto creates harmonious colour effects combining hot and cold, light and dark hues.
Magneto "offers rough surfaces that are concurrently incredibly versatile in the light, whether natural or artificial", in which "every piece has a rough and worn vibe that makes it enjoyable to look at and to touch".
Demonstrating the excellence of a product combining a refined appearance with the superior performance of Fiandre porcelain, the Magneto collection was recently awarded the “GOLD” prize at the German Design Award 2020 in the “Excellent Product Design” category, an acknowledgement that crowns the prestigious results achieved at the Iconic Awards in 2019. 
The Magneto collection was praised “as a product that is suitable for a wide range of applications as well as being innovative, original and sustainable. Its circular production process minimises waste, as it is made out of over 40% pre-consumer recycled content, in compliance with LEED and BREEAM criteria.

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