Green, the trendy colour for surface coverings and furnishings, with all the fascination of Fiandre marbles

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The natural beauty of green and the unique aesthetic properties of marble come together in high-tech ceramics to create a particularly prestigious surface covering and decorating solution.  In its vast Marmi Maximum catalogue, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers a large selection of creative materials for customised spaces with great appeal, as a total look or in mix and match combinations

Green, the trendy colour for surface coverings and furnishings, with all the fascination of Fiandre marbles
The colours of surfaces are among the most important factors defining interior spaces, along with the quality of surface coverings.
Taste is always an important consideration when making a choice, but it’s not the only factor to be taken into account.
Our visual and instinctive experience almost always orients us initially toward neutral hues and instantly recognisable materials (stone, marble, wood) that create a natural sense of wellbeing and are easy to mix and match.
Neutral colours have been used for centuries in the home, a consideration that may appear to be secondary in importance but actually is not at all, as it is innately linked with our own individual sensory experience, a key element that conditions our choices right from the start. Other considerations emerge later: the style we want to give our homes, the latest decorating trends, the architects’ advice. All together, these reflections lead us to make a complex, highly personal choice, adding a touch of originality to our spaces.
There are all kinds of products on the market for surface coverings today, but high-tech ceramic is the one that includes the greatest variety of different styles and colours, allowing us to freely choose the one that is best for us. This year’s trendiest colours include green, abounding in colours and hues adding a natural touch of prestige.
The new maxi-slabs have considerably expanded the possibilities for use of high-tech ceramic in architecture.
In addition to covering floors and walls, ceramic slabs can now be used as true decorating items and accessories, for spaces ranging from total look to contrasting and mix&match combinations of materials. High-tech ceramic slabs offering outstanding performance in terms of resistance and safety can in fact be used to make everything from worktops to consoles, vanity tops and shower trays, doors and staircases. They can even be used outdoors in garden tables, planters, chairs and cabinets, and can produce curved and backlit surfaces.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, one of the top brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, continues to explore the new potential of the evolution of ceramics with a catalogue including the most appealing colours and textures, such as the green materials in the Marmi Maximum collection presented here: Alpi Chiaro Venato, Irish Green and Verde Fantastico.
The colours of the Alps, with their rocks, white glaciers and stands of fir trees, are represented in high-tech ceramic by Alpi Chiaro Venato in a natural, instantly appealing idiom combined with outstanding technical performance. With an intense green background, Alpi Chiaro Venato alternates light and dark patches over a surface lit up by a dense grid of white veins of varying thicknesses. The veins are the element adding elegance and character to the whole, creating a highly refined, profound atmosphere ideal for covering materials and items of furniture in the leisure and hospitality industry, as well as spa&wellness facilities and homes.
Irish Green is Fiandre’s green surface covering inspired by the colours of the Irish landscape, wild and enigmatic yet fascinating and reassuring with their natural beauty. The bright, uneven green background "features shades of cream, sepia, brown and grey interrupted by veins reminiscent of crystalline calcite". Countless hues of green come to life in Irish Green, ranging from dark to light, embellished with bold white veining.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Marmi Maximum collection also includes the exotic attraction of Verde Fantastico, with its bold, warm dark green background. Covered with "white, brown and ochre details that create a snake skin motif reminiscent of the rainforest," Verde Fantastico features veining ranging from white to ivory and sand. 
A bold, sophisticated collection, ideal for large and small spaces and for adding a sober, iconic touch to renovation projects.

Marco Privato