Marmi Maximum: beauty and flexibility for unique customised design

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The technical and aesthetic performance of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’s Marmi Maximum slabs is perfect for covering surfaces of all kinds, producing customised elements of design, installations and furnishings. Unique properties such as luminosity, wealth of detail and refined veining add to the material’s perceived value and give a precious original atmosphere to spaces

Marmi Maximum: beauty and flexibility for unique customised design
A key material in the history of architecture, marble has been unrivalled for its technical and aesthetic qualities since antiquity. .
Marble’s popularity has never subsided, especially now that today’s new technologies allow us to produce customised design elements.
The potential offered by ceramic maxi-slabs, for example, associated with their light weight, make it possible to produce customised manufactures, accessories and installations.
These elements may be used equally well indoors or outdoors, and include both flat and curved elements, such as fixed and sliding doors, steps, stairways, false ceilings, partition walls, kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, shelves, consoles, flowerbeds, seats and backlit surfaces. 
The possibilities offered by ceramic maxi-slabs have brought new life to the marble look, bringing true added value with a special appeal and a luxurious touch to residential and commercial spaces while adding to the prestige of spaces for wellness and hospitality, medical and leisure facilities, and in the world of contracting.
Maximum by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is the largest maxi-slab available on the porcelain market: unadulterated by agglomerates, Maximum is a product made from carefully selected raw materials by a prestigious brand on the international ceramics market.
Available in 300x150 cm maxi-slabs only 6 mm thick, the product weighs only 14 kg per square metre. This combination of light weight, flexibility and ductility offers the utmost freedom of design during transportation, processing and installation (cutting, drilling, plastering, etc.).
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Maximum
Fiandre has stood out ever since its establishment as an innovative company with a strong orientation toward advanced technology.
"It was the first of the companies in the industry to believe in porcelain tile and in a 20x20 cm format, which was considered remarkable in the 1960s", and the brand has consolidated its position on all the markets served over the years. The company has a widespread network of showrooms "which became leading-edge examples for the world of architecture. A key account sector was developed, enabling the company to communicate and grow in the presence of Italian leaders such as Ferrari, Fendi, Fiat and Armani, and to introduce Italian tradition to foreign giants like Dior, Jaguar, Givenchy and Nike".
Offering a vast range of submultiples, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’s Maximum catalogue permits great versatility for all applications and specific requirements, significantly reducing the need for gaps in the continuity of design.
In line with the vocation for sustainability of the Iris Ceramica Group, of which Fiandre is a leading brand, reduced thickness is also the result of a sustainable vision of production, as "it permits use of 2 or 3 times less raw materials than quarried stone, consuming less energy in production".
As we have seen, Maximum’s light weight makes it perfect for coverings surfaces of all kinds. This is a particularly important consideration in the case of the marble effect, for which Fiandre Architectural Surfaces proposes a vast range of colours and effects.
But beyond its considerable size, other factors also emerge, such as radiance, elegant details and refined veining.
Some of the most recent additions to the Marmi Maximum collection are based on the centuries-old tradition of prestigious marbles, in both the latest design trends and in response to the stylistic demands of the architect and the client.
The Ethereal Travertino, Finest Estremoz, Marbre de Savoie and Deep Emperador lines are presented in the gallery here.
The delicate texture of Ethereal Travertino adds to the variety of Marmi Maximum surfaces, proposing a contemporary twist on a classic sedimentary rock.
The subtle cloud pattern, with a softer look than classic travertine, produces a ceramic slab of timeless elegance that adds a touch of warmth and radiance to spaces. 
Drawing inspiration from the famous Portuguese stone, Finest Estremoz  "features a subtle pinkish-cream coloured background with gray-white shading". This extremely refined and attractive surface adds a touch of elegance to spaces, helping create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere.
Marbre de Savoie shares Finest Estremoz’s heritage as a classical quarried stone, inspired by the "place where in Roman times by order of Emperor Augustus, marble was extracted to construct the consular road connecting the Po valley to Gaul".
Marbre de Savoie is an unusual colour: a grey background with subtle variations in hue incorporating irregular shades of white, adding value and aesthetic prestige without predominating over architectural elements.
Deep Emperador, with its characteristic dark brown hue, is a marble of bold, intense character, "inspired by one of the stones traditionally used in colonial buildings throughout the Iberian Peninsula". Its warm veining and dense texture make Deep Emperador one of the most decorative and expressive marbles: a highly evocative choice that adds warmth and prestige to spaces of all kinds.

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