New large Ultra Pietre formats for custom-made cladding and furnishing

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The rich collection of large Ultra Ariostea ceramic panels measuring 270x120 and 120x120 was created to simplify and optimize installation operations, reducing waste during production and facilitating transport. Ethics and sustainability are combined with the aesthetic qualities of Ariostea ceramics, for solutions of great visual impact that are easy to combine and also ideal for custom-made furnishings

New large Ultra Pietre formats for custom-made cladding and furnishing
Realistic effects and large formats are among the most popular aspects of technical ceramics
An extremely versatile material that is an ideal cladding solution, for both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as for custom-made furnishing accessories.
Among the many effects available in the catalogs are traditionally inspired ones, like marble and wood, as well as more contemporary and sophisticated ones, such as high-tech stones, resins and cements, particularly suitable for contemporary style projects
Among the various formats, the multiple modules available to designers and architects provide real added value, allowing claddings to be reinterpreted as a decisive part of the aesthetics of buildings.
Clear examples of this are the large ceramic formats used to create visually continuous surfaces from indoor to outdoor spaces, or create striking contrasting combinations or fascinating furnishing accessories, tailored to your needs.
Following these technical and aesthetic innovations, Ultra Ariostea has recently expanded its rich catalog by introducing the 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes
A flagship brand of the international holding company Iris Ceramica Group, Ariostea boasts a company history based on ethics and sustainability: in fact, by reducing production-related emissions to zero, Ariostea invests and improves the technological process of materials, optimizing and taking care of every detail. 

The new series of 270x120 e 120x120 cm formats (a size that complies with the habitability requirements) was devised specifically with this in mind: the new panels in fact “adapt to standard design dimensions and reduce waste, from production to construction site, including transport”. A performance that goes hand in hand with the typical qualities of large ceramic formats: versatile, light, easy to handle products that are easy to carry up to the required floor, along staircases and during installation operations.
Ultra Pietre is the Ariostea collection which, starting with a neutral chromatic range, enhances the many peculiarities of the most refined quarry stones, with clouds, streaks and apparent imperfections.
Inspired by the rocks of the Alps, Pietra di Vals is a solution with a “Central European flavor”, distinguished by its medium grey background and delicate, light and irregular veins.
Slightly darker, Cardoso, on the other hand, is the collection based on a famous stone from the Apuan Alps, with a uniform ash grey background on which very thin “tone-on-tone” white veins unfold.
Crema Luna is instead a brighter texture based on a neutral and highly contemporary beige background, enhanced by small irregular lighter inclusions, interspersed with darker areas.

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