Seventyonepercent: the versatility of ceramics in today’s bathroom

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Bold, dramatic impact, interaction of different materials, optimisation of lighting, decoration and details.
These are a few of the qualities associated with Seventyonepercent, an Iris Ceramica Group brand by Paolo Castelli. 
When high-tech ceramics become the focus of design, the bathroom acquires a distinctive, attractive new identity.
The emphasis is on the product’s structural and aesthetic qualities, demonstrating yet again its great versatility and ability to combine easily with other materials such as wood, brass, metals and glass

Seventyonepercent: the versatility of ceramics in today’s bathroom
The bathroom continues to be one of the most dynamic spaces in the home in 2022, thanks to the many products on the market permitting creation of attractive customised spaces.
On the basis of the trend that has been in vogue for a couple of years now, bathroom design is oriented toward new versions of forms and decorations inspired primarily by the past, in a mood including not only neutral and dark colours but timeless white.
Variations in hue are often delegated to finishes and details, where we frequently find touches of brass, gold and bronze and various types of wood, particularly walnut.
Bathroom fixtures, countertops and consoles tend to have soft, gentle, almost suspended shapes, creating a precious seductive atmosphere.
Great importance is, as usual, assigned to light, making the most of natural and artificial light sources, as well as mirrors and other reflective surfaces.
On the basis of these considerations, the contemporary bathroom cannot be defined by a specific style, but takes the form of an original, exclusive place characterised by an underlying minimalist style featuring only a few carefully chosen objects, and, above all, a reassuring emotional atmosphere of complicity and engagement.
The most attractive products for today’s bathrooms fall into the broader category of wellness design, adding to the value and prestige of the designs and materials.
In this refined vision of the wellness & bathroom area, Seventyonepercent, the new business unit set up by the Iris Ceramica Group, a global leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for architecture and interior design, has an important role to play.
Seventyonepercent’s four lines, Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties, offer an original range of solutions with a bold identity in the aesthetic experience offered by the company’s first collection, by prestigious designer Paolo Castelli.

The design of the collection targets a highly demanding clientele open to high-impact solutions, in search of authentic design that stands out as truly distinctive.
This exclusive new interpretation of the bathroom centres around the care of both body and mind using one of the most popular materials in architecture and design today: high-tech ceramic.
Its versatility and ability to interact with other materials (such as metal and wooden trim, nickel taps, and accessories with steel and leather finishes) make high-tech ceramic perfect for unique creations revealing all the qualities of the most refined design Made in Italy, with its unrivalled combination of technology, innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

Marco Privato