Seventyonepercent: harmony and identity in new wellness & bathroom furnishings

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The bathroom and all wellness spaces are intended to be comfortable places in which to enjoy a totalling relaxing, fulfilling experience. Seventyonepercent is a new brand that naturally combines materials such as wood, brass, metal and glass with high-tech ceramic to create a fascinating, evocative bathroom. A synthesis of functional and aesthetic quality, Seventyonepercent furnishings and surfaces reinterpret the stylistic code of ceramic in pursuit of good design and the best Italian craftsmanship

Seventyonepercent: harmony and identity in new wellness & bathroom furnishings
Interior design in recent years focused on a number of spaces for everyday living, undeniably reserving special attention for the bathroom.
An intimate, personal space which must also be functional and capable of standing out, today’s bathroom is increasingly assuming the connotations of an exclusive place in which to relax and regenerate both body and mind.
The declared goal is to focus on the sensory experience, creating an atmosphere that is both comfortable and enjoyable. These aspects of design are not the prerogative of the home bathroom, but extend to all spaces intended for wellness.
The senses are stimulated in beauty and wellness centres through use of light, mirrors, steam, sounds and scents, combined with elements intimately tied to Nature, such as vegetation, stones, pathways and waterfalls.
A few simple measures now permit the bathroom to be transformed into a place of harmony and balance in which every single element underlines its aesthetic and functional qualities.
From surfaces to furnishings, everything is made possible by the performance of new generation materials, while designers reinterpret traditional materials such as wood, metal and brass for use alone, in combination or in contrast.
The coexistence of different materials helps create fascinating spaces combining innovation with tradition, handcrafted details with the culture of design. An excellent example of this is offered by Seventyonepercent, a brand new business unit set up by the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for architecture and interior design.
Design is all-Italian, with an artisanal production process (design and engineering 100% in Emilia), and the brand’s first collection bears the prestigious signature of designer Paolo Castelli.
Heir to a tradition of Bolognese craftsmen dating back to 1887, Paolo Castelli S.p.A. is a flexible, dynamic enterprise, a landmark in global contracting and interior design, supplying the hospitality, high-end residential, luxury retail, museum and shipbuilding markets.
Serving a competent, demanding target market, Seventyonepercent offers an attractive new aesthetic experience in the bathroom.
In the collection, high-tech ceramic dialogues with other prestigious materials to create original spaces reflecting a sense of strong identity, distinction and refinement.
The idea and the name Seventyonepercent originated with the "interaction of water and earth", considered nature’s greatest example of balance and synthesis, in which the number 71 represents the percentage of the earth’s surface covered with water.

The new bathroom concept created by Paolo Castelli and the Iris Ceramica Group has given rise to four lines, Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties, presented in the Group’s new flagship store in Milan (link), between the cathedral and Piazza Cordusio.
Globe is a line "with a bold dramatic impact", thanks to a light source flooding and modelling spaces. Like any project with a focus on light, Globe shines with reflections and forms in motion, beginning with a shiny glass disc modelled in a wave shape, integrating a mirror.
The sink is made of matt Calacatta Oro and glossy Statuario Light marble, with a matt brass rim.
Inspiration "is inspired by the past and looks to the future, going so far as to imagine a new way of experiencing the bathroom".
Refined and rich in detail, the collection features a glossy Statuario Light countertop and coverings, a frame with a white lacquered finish, wall-hung mirrors with a steel finish, metal trim and faucets of matt black nickel.
The more rational, pared-down style of Suite is based on the concept of contemporary elegance and symmetry.
Simple lines and shades of dark grey give the collection bold power thanks to a cabinet covered with Pietra Piasentina featuring walnut finishes and trim with matt gold faucets and mirror frame.
Fascinating contrasts bring life to Thirties, a line with an intriguing light look: the warmth of wood, the power of high-tech porcelain and metal trim. Here, geometric shapes and curves form a refined, seductive environment with a mood of grace and light, as if suspended in time.

Marco Privato