Ariostea Next: concrete and resin designed for contemporary style

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Ariostea’s Next collection is based on a neutral, delicate color palette, inspired by the striking eloquence of ultra-contemporary materials such as concrete and resin. 
Refined elegance and natural warmth emanate from the Next floor and wall tile designs in a collection which is also available for exterior pedestrian or vehicular traffic surfaces, or personalized furnishings

Ariostea Next: concrete and resin designed for contemporary style
Simple and versatile: two adjectives that summarize the concept of numerous contemporary interior design projects.
Eye-catching minimalist style, typified by simple lines and tactile, neutral colors, transparent modules and exposed structures, focusing on ostensibly clean lines which eschew excess.
Astutely and competently installed, few elements ensure visual harmony and balance, conveying an image of simplicity, yet also meticulous attention to the choice of details to create the correct ambiance.
The latter aspect is very personal. Undoubtedly dictated by the choice of surfaces and arrangement of various furnishings, it primarily affects the psychological and physical well-being of people who live or work in, or visit these places every day.
A simple ambiance is not merely a space infused with a contemporary mood, but also an exceptionally functional, easy to clean, practical and comfortable place.
In different areas of a contemporary stylehome, one of the key aspects is space, an essential feature of the underlying minimalist approach. 
In an environment where the luminosity and intensity of open, airy spaces is paramount, the surfaces fundamentally perform a dual role, ensuring technical durability alongside their remarkable aesthetic appearance, often creating visual continuity merging the interior and exterior.
To create your own contemporary style, it is essential to pay close attention to selecting the finest surfaces for individual rooms in the home.
As demonstrated by the broad consensus in the contemporary surface market, today this key role is played by technical ceramics.
The success of this innovative material is due to overall performance which includes resistance, practicality, safety, stability and minimal maintenance, guaranteed both indoors and outdoors.
The second particularly calls for anti-slip properties and resistance to atmospheric agents, infiltration, vehicular traffic, mechanical devices in general, and heavy footfall.
The decades-long expertise of Iris Ceramica Group of which Ariostea is a leading brand, enables the manufacture of truly superb quality porcelain tiles combining technology, exceptional quality and absolute respect for the environment.
"From the production of the famous hexagonal tiles in the 1960s featuring the profile of the great Ludovico Ariosto as a trademark ", Ariostea has looked to technological innovation as a means to offer cutting-edge solutions. Specializing over the decades in the manufacture of full-body high-tech porcelain tiles, it all begins with natural raw materials, researched and selected from all over the world.
In line with contemporary style, Ariostea designed the recent Next collection featured in the vast catalog of tiles for indoors and out.
What stems from Next is the simple, tactile aesthetic style of concrete and resin, inspirational materials that more than any other epitomize the essence of contemporary style.
From the initial visual impact, the subtle shading makes the collection versatile and discreet, essential for inspiring creativity and offering ultimate design freedom. 
Produced in a variety of 6 colors, Brick, Chalk, Crete, Dark, Greige and Grey, the collection accentuates the pure elegance of neutral colors. The Next color range is soft and delicate, and therefore ideally suited to combining for a total or contrasting look.
Available in various sizes of tiles (120 x 60cm, 100 x 100, 60 x 60 and 60 x 30), only 6mm and 8mm thick, together with special pieces (classic step and skirting board), Next is also suitable for exterior use with the CM2 Next range.
Ariostea CM2 is the ideal solution for installing exterior paving, for both public and private use. 
This system, with an increased thickness of 2cm, is "exceptionally easy to install, services can easily be inspected and tiles can quickly be repositioned in the event of alterations to the installation or to accommodate substrate modifications".
The 4 Next CM2 options chosen for exteriors are Brick, Crete, Greige and Grey, natural colors which evoke the warmth of earth and sand. A delicate effect which retains its appeal even outdoors, conveying all the luminosity of the finest contemporary styles.

Marco Privato