Urban by Porcelaingres: versatile, textured surfaces for contemporary spaces 

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The high-tech ceramic offered by Porcelaingres in its new Urban collection uses a neutral, textured palette to create a high-impact, aesthetically elegant, trendy surface. A combination of qualities that makes it extremely versatile and therefore suitable for use in any contemporary styles, as well as being easy to combine and perfectly timeless, for both residential and contract settings.

Urban by Porcelaingres: versatile, textured surfaces for contemporary spaces 
Of the many properties offered by high-tech ceramic, its versatility remains one of the most sought-after and appreciated.
Choosing a ceramic slab that goes well with different types of furnishings - all whilst maintaining or even enhancing its aesthetic characteristics - is a wise long-term decision that puts us in the best position when, over the years, we inevitably contemplate making changes to our furniture.
It is no coincidence that high-tech ceramic is the material that lends itself more than any other to covering spaces with great appeal and charm, regardless of the style we have chosen for our home or for a business.
This is not only because of high-tech ceramic’s well-known resistance to stains, abrasion and stress, but also because of its ease of cleaning, inalterability and impermeability, making ceramic surfaces the ideal choice for installation in outdoor areas.
Although these technical aspects are certified by the main product quality standards in the industry, aesthetically speaking, one of the most interesting aspects of high-tech ceramic slabs - as previously mentioned - is undoubtedly their versatility of use.
Indeed, the many effects that have been developed and perfected in recent years allow for high-tech ceramic to boast an extensive catalogue of textures and colours that includes, amongst others, natural stone, marble, resin, concrete and wood effects.
However, the reference material is not merely reproduced in a unique variety - from a morphological and aesthetic point of view - but is actually improved in terms of performance as compared to its natural and quarried counterparts.
The result is that over the past few years, floors, walls and custom furnishings made from high-tech ceramic have featured in buildings and spaces that vary extensively, not only in terms of style but also in terms of architecture and intended use. High-tech ceramic is enjoying great popularity in residential settings thanks to its adaptability, ranging from traditional décor to more contemporary looks, including the industrial, minimalistic and urban styles.
Its application also extends to businesses of all shapes and sizes, including luxury shops, boutique hotels and a variety of wellness-related spaces. Thanks to its ease of cleaning and low maintenance requirements, it is one of the most widely used surfaces in the public sector, including communal spaces in schools, universities, airports and museums, as well as in medical settings such as doctors’ surgeries, clinics and hospitals. Last but certainly not least, high-tech ceramic sees extensive use in renovations, thanks to its unbeatable performance and the opportunities offered by such options as raised floors.
The versatility of ceramic slabs is showcased in the Porcelaingres catalogue, a German-based brand that draws upon the decades of expertise of the Italian holding company Iris Ceramica Group, which it is part of.
Porcelaingres explores the potential of high-tech ceramic in a huge range of contemporary design solutions, offering a young and dynamic vision which makes the most of the material’s versatility to make it suitable for all kinds of different solutions for contemporary living.
The Urban collection, along with its larger-sized sister collection Urban Great, showcases the ease of application of concrete-effect high-tech ceramic.

Available in 6 colours, from the darkest Anthracite to the lightest White, along with the equally elegant decorative pieces with floral motifs, Weave, Porcelaingres’ Urban collection pairs an incredibly delicate, trendy neutral base texture with gradients in grey and beige.
This palette is incredibly textured, yet at the same time soft, making it ideal for spaces with a contemporary mood that use the concrete effect as one of their key inspirations.
But the allure of concrete doesn’t stop there: there is a whole expressive world inspired by it, from standard concrete to various forms of plaster, almost all featuring a weathered look and colour-shaded surfaces.
With Urban, the interior design style, applicable to both residential and contract spaces, is able to create minimalistic, essential and industrial atmospheres.
The large size of Great Urban, meanwhile, follows the latest trends in the industry by fostering visual continuity between different environments, thereby also highlighting the delicate details present in the surface.

Marco Privato