Trendy ceramic solutions: the fascination of decorated coverings

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Beautiful high-tech ceramics add the timeless fascination of decoration to a vast range of colours and finishes. Special sizes and free laying schemes leave plenty of room for originality and creativity, as demonstrated by Iris Ceramica’s wall covering solutions for unique results in domestic and commercial spaces, revealing the harmony and strength of details

Trendy ceramic solutions: the fascination of decorated coverings
The decorative arts date back to the dawn of civilisation, interweaving thousands of years of history of crafts with many of the aesthetic principles of modern design.
The concepts and symbols underlying this long tradition have become an integral part of our collective memory and continue to express their timeless charm today.
The first forms of geometric and artistic ornamentation of ceramic appear on amphoras and terracotta containers, domestic and ritual vases dating back three thousand years, made in historic regions such as Attica.
Even then, the work of the artisans of ancient Greece was completing a long process of symbolic and sacred images which, in turn, told the story of the cultural and linguistic unification under way in those regions.
The result was the natural, instinctive establishment of some of the key principles on which the natural order of geometric elements is based, with circles, triangles, squares, dots and lines. Even today we continue to find these forms in the vast majority of industrial ornamental ceramics.
Their bold expressive component, often enriched by inspirations from all countries and cultures, is a continual source of inspiration for the aesthetic high-tech ceramics market and for contemporary interior design.
Iris Ceramica offers a vast range of ceramic coverings, dedicating special attention to decorative variations that expand and embellish its most recent collections, while stimulating creativity with possible combinations. 
Their glossy and matt finishes and simple, age-old motifs fit into the tradition of Italian-made ceramics, an area in which Iris has been a landmark for decades.
The result is a product of great expressive wealth, in terms of both colour and light, to add value to the atmospheres of residential and commercial spaces with a focus on sobriety and originality.
Simple, delicate motifs that never go out of style may be seen in the 10x20 cm decorative pieces in the Be In collection, available in three versions, Black, Rose and Greensea. 
Lines that are intentionally left imperfect, hinted at with subtle brushstrokes, add to the ancient attraction and glamour of craquelé effect ceramic surfaces. The interplay of contrasts is natural and elegant, whatever the choice of colours.

BeLike is Iris Ceramica’s semigres wall covering (in the 60x20 cm size) which stands out for its vast colour palette of pastel hues with a glossy or matt finish.
The colour palette centres around cold hues (Shell, Azure, Marine and QueenBlue) and warm colours (Cream, Peach, Sienna, Umber), with the addition of precious, seductive 20x20 cm decorative pieces to add an oriental touch.
Patch motifs are in fact inspired "by kintsugi, a Japanese repair technique in which fragments of broken ceramic are joined with gold". The profound symbolism of this age-old tradition underlines the flaws that make an item beautiful and unique, adding value to any composition.
Irregular golden fracture lines stand out against the dark brown background of Patch Gold and the delicate floral motifs of Patch Décor, creating fascinating geometric patterns which may be put together at will.

Harmonious and sophisticated in its apparent simplicity, Blaze is a semigres collection available in the classic 10x30 cm brick format.
Available in four colours (Yellow, Pink, Avio and Grey), Blaze comes with four different glossy decorated backgrounds. The result is a versatile, dynamic covering material conveying sensations of tranquillity, warmth and hospitality.
In this case too, a decorated version is available in which the handcrafted background lights up the walls with light effects. The refined, simple, linear decorative motif is "calibrated to carefully studied gradations giving it a touch of golden glamour". 
Laying is possible with a horizontal or vertical orientation, combining different backgrounds and decorations for trendy, creative solutions.

Iris Ceramica makes the FreeHand semigres wall tile collection in the 20x20 cm size, characterised by "waxy surfaces with a dilapidated look".
The colour palette includes intermediate shades of pastel hues, between the extremes of black and white. The graduated hues are enriched with variations that add depth to walls with faded colours that give spaces a lived-in look.
In this case, the Hand Decor and Flor Decor lines of decorative pieces give priority to the expressive immediacy typical of watercolour brushstrokes. Sketches, hints at floral shapes and stylised graphemes provide a decorative component to give spaces a new appeal, halfway between vintage and contemporary, with a refined, distinctive identity.

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