Elementi by Iris Ceramica: surface coverings inspired by the primordial nature of stone, earth and lava

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The best contemporary surfaces reinterpret the appearance and sensations of the natural raw materials that hold a key place in the collective imagination for their importance in the evolution of architecture.
This is the case of Elementi, Iris Ceramica’s new series of floor and wall coverings, with Pietra di Sciara, Terra and Lava: simple, archaic, evocative colours adding character to contemporary design spaces with all the versatility and beauty of high-tech ceramic

Elementi by Iris Ceramica: surface coverings inspired by the primordial nature of stone, earth and lava
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even in interior design, where it is the result of a series of sensory, communicative and perceptive factors that have an impact on our preferences and opinions.
But it is undeniable that a key role is played by the many surfaces that cover the majority of the visible parts of any space. Walls, floors, countertops, tables and other supporting surfaces are, along with other items of furniture, the key to the appearance of spaces for everyday living
With time, all civilisations have come to understand the importance of surfaces and perfected their functions, going beyond the primary purposes of providing us with cover, shelter and support. Just think of the long history of mosaics or Terrazzo floor and wall coverings, which introduced a decorative function to these surfaces, making them into true forms of art to improve the appearance of places of worship, Imperial villas, and, later in history, manor houses.
Our relationship with the materials most commonly used to cover surfaces is strongly rooted in our collective imagination, as in the case of stone, wood, marble, resin and concrete, to mention only a few key materials that never go out of fashion.
Like all aspects of our visual and aesthetic heritage, these products convey certain sensations, either directly or on an unconscious level. Wood, for example, is associated with warmth and hospitality, at all latitudes; while stone stands for strength and resistance, and the timeless fascination of marble has always conveyed prestige and aesthetic value.
Iris Ceramica’s ongoing research into new surfaces fits into this vision of design, drawing on the beauty of the most traditional materials drawn from classic aesthetics and iconography, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist using a high-performing material, high-tech ceramic. The sensations conveyed by the new ceramic surfaces are exactly the same as those of the original materials, but redefined to respond to all the needs of everyday living, while at the same time offering the utmost resistance and durability.
Elementi is a new collection of porcelain materials by Iris Ceramica, available in three different finishes, Terra, Lava and Pietra di Sciara. This new project by one of Italy’s most prominent manufacturers of ceramic surfaces is a complete research project laden with suggestions tied to nature. "An expressive palette of colours, sizes and surfaces offering infinite combinations for customising spaces and creating new alchemies".
Terra is a simple, archaic surface with a soft, undulating texture. Taking advantage of the potential of neutral colours, Terra is modulated "in dusty hues of grey, black, brown and white, flanked by two patterns featuring sinuous graphics creating contrasting colour effects". Ideally suited to a variety of spaces, in the home and elsewhere, Elementi Terra is available in the new 120x120 cm size as well as the more traditional 120x60, 60x60, and 60x30 cm sizes, in two finishes: Natural and Soft.
Intense, profound Lava is characterised by "a primordial aura and a shaded texture with dark edges". The backgrounds are modulated in five warm and cold colours such as Lava Bianca, Grigio, Carbone, Giallo and Porpora, with the addition of variable patterns, all characterised by a familiar, vaguely nostalgic feel. 
Pietra di Sciara interprets a traditional volcanic stone from Sicily, "the landscape of which offers testimony of ancient rivers of incandescent magma". The palette of materials conveys a sensation of solidity and compactness, combined with the delicate background typical of the neutral colours included in the range, such as Pietra di Sciara Polvere, Grigio, Sabbia, Visone and Carbone, to produce a versatile material of great expressive power.
To complete the Elementi project, Iris Ceramica offers a vast range of semigres surface coverings.
Solutions with a simple, linear aesthetic available in a vast range of pastel colours (with a Natural or Glossy finish) in the new 30x7.5cm size, along with a selection of products featuring deep, iridescent colours that bring walls to life with unpredictable flashes and shades of colour, easily combined with Lava, Terra and Pietra di Sciara floors to add originality and personality to any kind of space.

Marco Privato


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