Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica: new atmospheres for the homestyle and contract markets




Iris Ceramica, Milano Design Week,

IRIS Ceramica and Diesel Living present their collections of porcelain floor and wall coverings inspired by post-industrial, exotic and hyperrealist atmospheres in a temporary showroom in Milan and at MAE in Castellon, Spain

<em>Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica</em>: new atmospheres for the homestyle and contract markets
Iris Ceramica’s innovative porcelain floor and wall coverings play an active role in contemporary design under a partnership with Diesel Living, one of the most important and innovative design partnerships to emerge in 2017.
Two prominent ceramics and lifestyle brands have joined forces to create Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, continuing and expanding on their initial partnership established in 2016 with the creation of 7 new collections presented at Design Week in Milan and in a Pop-up Home showing the two brands’ entire product range. 
Situated in the historic city centre of Milan at Via Cesare Correnti 14, the first Diesel Living Home, illustrated here, is "a former goldsmith’s workshop from the nineteen-thirties", in which "craftsmen’s workshops are redesigned as apartment units" in the Diesel building, open until September 30 2017 (Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30–13:30 and 14:30–19:30).
Begun in 2015, the Iris-Diesel partnership draws on the principles inspiring the Diesel Living style, already present in the brand’s well-known clothing collections and developed further over the years in partnership with major home furnishing, lighting, decorative accessories and textiles brands. 
Drawing on decades of experience working with technical porcelain, Iris Ceramica interprets these principles and transforms them into a new boldly expressive look for floor and wall coverings with a clear brand identity created with the use of "metallic hues, cracks, original light effects and textures with a bold material impact, balancing contemporary style with a lived-in look".
Thus the first 5 collections of floor and wall coverings took form, Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather, oriented toward eclecticism with a clear intention to experiment by juxtaposing materials of different types and functions (stones and cements, glass and metals, textiles, jute and canvas).
Collections with urban and post-industrial atmospheres for the homestyle and contract markets.
And now, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica presents a total of 12 collections with the new addition of Grunge Concrete, Combustion Cracklé, Arizona Concrete, Ribbed, Fence, Shades Of Blinds, and Ribbed Oxide, unveiled at Milano Design Week.
They are porcelain floor coverings and semigres wall coverings with an exotic, hyper-realistic look reminiscent of the deserts of Arizona and the Gran Canyon, structures abandoned and corroded by time, metallic mesh, paints, and the chiaroscuro look of glass and sheet metal.
Intended for a target of consumers who love creativity in all its forms and are used to experiencing, sharing and interpreting mass culture (film, rock, photography), the new 2017 collections represent an additional step forward in design, underlining all the key features and the visual and tactile potential of porcelain. 
These floors and walls can also be seen at MAE, the Matimex showroom in Castellón (Spain), which will be dedicating a part of its multi-purpose space to the Iris-Diesel collection.

Marco Privato


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