New contemporary floor and wall tiles from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica


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The ongoing partnership between Diesel and Iris brings seven new collections of porcelain floor and wall tiles into our homes, all of them brimming with contemporary flair plus creativity and surprising sensory effects

New contemporary floor and wall tiles from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica
Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is back for 2017. The partnership between the leading names in lifestyle and high-end porcelain tiles brings together two undisputed stars of Italian manufacturing, go-to names in international design.
Following the debut collections in 2016, which were inspired by industrial atmospheres, metallurgy and metropolitan living, the partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living now brings us a brand-new creative range of floor and wall tiles for contemporary settings.
Launched exclusively at Milan Design Week, the 7 new collections of porcelain tiles from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica explore not only the potential of Iris porcelain and its technical, visual and tactile qualities, but also encapsulate the aesthetics and essence of the world of Diesel.
The floor and wall tiles in the collections are reworked with a hyper-realistic twist in highly iconic, evocative style. Colours, moods and inspiration are drawn from familiar landscapes, horizons and exotic locations (including the Arizona desert and the Grand Canyon), borrowed from the languages of cinema and rock.
This multitude of forms and content can be found in tiles which capture Iris Ceramica’s decades at the forefront of the first-class, high-tech ceramics sector. Inspiration is translated into every-day experience through visual and tactile sensations.
We are immersed in a world of "expressive shadows on smooth or rough concrete" in Arizona Concrete, in four shades of distressed grey, and surrounded by the contrasting light and darkness of "oxidized corrugated sheet metal" in Ribbed Oxide.
Anyone who loves shaded, faded effects will be drawn to the graduated, enveloping tones of Shades of Blinds, ideal for a more intimate, sensual atmosphere. The same mood is also seen in the mesh look and micro patterns of Fence.
"Damaged city concrete" is the hyper-realistic theme of Grunge Concrete, filled with cracks, fissures and grazes in 10 different shades of grey.
The "fascinating glass of outdoor factories comes into the home" in Ribbed: tinted, painted, time-worn glass. Combustion Cracklé brings us "burnt wood" effects with uneven, worn, fire-tinged patterns.
Pure creativity is the constant source of inspiration for 7 collections with diverse colour palettes and textures, plus shading and nuances which reinvent every living area and take sensory experiences beyond floors and walls.

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