Porcelaingres Loft: stone and cement surfaces inspired by Nordic design

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Porcelaingres’s new collection of Loft high-tech ceramic surfaces draws its inspiration from the basic elements of Nordic design, practicality, beauty and simplicity, to create spaces characterised by warmth and wellbeing with intimate ties to nature. 
Embellished by the presence of little iridescent particles, the four colours of Loft define the atmosphere of living spaces and public places while maintaining great underlying elegance and a bold contemporary character

Porcelaingres Loft: stone and cement surfaces inspired by Nordic design
Scandinavian design is one of the design idioms most in vogue in recent years.
Also known as Nordic design, this particular approach to design is primarily linked to the geography and climate of northern Europe. 
Two elements which, along with strong ties with handcrafting and folk traditions, have given rise to a discipline demonstrating profound awareness of wellbeing in the home, with warm, cosy spaces that contrast with the rigid northern climate.
Characterised by qualities such as simplicity, harmony and simple forms, Scandinavian design is still one of the most popular styles, primarily because of its essential beauty and the comfort it adds to spaces for everyday living.
"Better things for everyday life" is the slogan of the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, summing up the technical and aesthetic principles behind a movement that was a world leader in furniture production above all between the 1930s and 50s.
Its authentic, functional furniture making no concessions to the superfluous optimise the balance between human living spaces and nature, with which the Scandinavians are intimately familiar, as clearly revealed by the quality and use of their raw materials.
Design of Nordic inspiration still stands out today for its practicality, as revealed by observation of its possible applications: from homes to workspaces, places of hospitality and wellness facilities.
Simple forms, natural materials and delicate colours make spaces of Nordic design unique and never banal, underlining the quality of individual elements and details by subtraction.
Recalling the natural landscapes of Nordic countries, the key material is timber, while great importance is assigned to light and contrasts between black and white in accessories and surfaces.
Inspired by the atmospheres of Nordic design, the Iris Ceramica Group’s Porcelaingres brand has created the Loft collection, which stands out for its basic simplicity, natural materials and extreme versatility.
Based in Vetschau, Germany, Porcelaingres is a dynamic young company with a focus on key values such as quality, sustainability and creativity, as revealed by its vast catalogue of high-tech ceramic floor and wall coverings.
Porcelaingres’s quality starts with the raw materials used and continues through all stages in production; sustainability is a matter of social commitment and promotion of a zero-waste economy; while creativity is an essential source of energy for standing out and making the most of all works of contemporary architecture, large and small.
In Loft, natural materials such as stone and cement find one of the most contemporary expressions of a brand that has always kept abreast of the latest developments in design, sustainability and originality.
With its refined, attractive texture, Loft expresses "the solid heft of cement and the natural elegance of stone”, two aspects that give rise to a product as simple as it is contemporary, underlined by the presence of little iridescent particles that reflect light and add further character to the material.
The surface’s colour palette includes four natural hues: Loft Snow, Loft Sand, Loft Smoke and Loft Dark, delicate, sober chiaroscuro hues with a cosy warmth.
The qualities of the ceramic slabs include the acknowledged properties of the Iris Ceramica Group’s porcelain: strength, non-absorbency, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance.
With these underlying qualities, the performance of Loft ceramic slabs (available in the 100x100, 120x60, 60x60, and 60x30 cm sizes and in thicknesses of 6, 8 and 20 mm) underline the aesthetic qualities that combine naturally with the most refined design trends.

Marco Privato


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