FMG Blast: volcanic rock for indoor and outdoor spaces

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High-tech ceramic always represents an optimal response to the needs of various residential, commercial and public spaces. Outdoor applications in particular illustrate the reliability of porcelain’s resistance to shocks, weather and tread. Inspired by the timeless beauty of volcanic stone, the Blast collection ideally reflects FMG’s research and innovation in a clean, essential slab revealing all the warmth and primordial power of nature

FMG Blast: volcanic rock for indoor and outdoor spaces
Spring is almost here, inspiring us to start focusing on outdoor surfaces again, drawing on the vast range of porcelain materials available on the market.
Beautiful high-tech ceramic has been the most refined solution for surfaces in the home for many years now, thanks to its unique combination of strength, compactness and versatility.
These certified qualities are natural aspects of the material and its near-zero absorbency coefficient, ensuring that high-tech porcelain ranks first among ceramic materials in terms of hardness, maintenance and long-lasting aesthetic qualities.
Porcelain offers the perfect solution for all requirements and tastes in spaces both large and small, for renovation projects and commercial and public spaces of all kinds.
The superior performance of porcelain surfaces is underlined in outdoor spaces requiring even greater resistance and durability.
Outdoor surfaces can be subject to major static, dynamic and shock loads, and they must be resistant not only to chemicals and abrasion, but to slipping and to the atmospheric agents present year-round, including sudden changes of temperature and particularly hot or cold peaks.
A non-absorbent material that is homogeneous throughout its entire mass such as aesthetic high-tech ceramic is the most dependable and long-lasting of all, by virtue of its composition and production methods.
Beginning with selection of natural materials such as minerals, clays, kaolins and feldspars, ceramic slabs are made in a production cycle reflecting the action of geological eras, fired in the kiln at ultra-high temperatures.
These properties, along with their easy laying and reduced thickness and the possibility of manufacturing maxi-slabs have made this material very popular for innovative covering systems, particularly sought-after for outdoor use.
Examples include ventilated façades and raised floors, permitting creation of a system of thermal insulation offering a series of benefits and permitting design free of limitations due to aesthetic and technical considerations.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s decades of experience have given rise to a series of technologically advanced products, with collections drawing on typically Italian design and creativity.
The international Iris Ceramica Group’s top brand FMG continues to invest in technical and aesthetic research, producing marbles, granites and stones of superior quality which are perfectly ecologically sustainable.
The quality of FMG’s high-tech ceramic is evident in its appearance faithfully reproducing the most beautiful and rarest varieties of marble, stone and granite from all over the world.
The materials FMG uses are ultra-pure, with top quality clays and sands; in the process, "the compacting pressure is very high (480 kg/cm2), while the firing heat is much higher than that of a volcano (1300 °C and more, compared to 1100 °C)".
The result clearly reveals the strong>details, inclusions and veins running through the entire thickness of the slab, while maintaining the random, non-repetitive qualities of surfaces found in nature.
Blast is FMG’s collection inspired by the age-old attraction of volcanic rock and reproducing the irregularity of its original structure. Available in traditional sizes (120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm with a thickness of 10 mm), Blast comes in five colours (Ash, Black, Beige, Brown and Grey) and three finishes (natural, polished and structured). 
The collection stands out for the presence of all the "overlapping colours, random speckles and variety of hues created by mineral inclusions in magmatic rock".
Particularly appropriate for creating a total look, Blast conveys all the expressive power of lava on first sight in a floor or wall covering that naturally conveys the basic elements of contemporary design, such as visual cleanliness and simplicity
These aspects make the materials in the collection equally effective indoors and in elegant outdoor spaces, offering maximum versatility.
When used as a wall covering, the material offers the additional advantage of the dynamism of 60x20 cm semigres tiles and a selection of 30x30 cm mosaic tiles.

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