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We saw many cases of sustainable architecture in 2020, including offices, libraries, houses, pavilions and schools. Whether they adopt new technologies or opt for traditional solutions, the results are always aesthetically pleasing, and it all keeps down the impact of the building industry on our planet.

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The Best of Livegreenblog Sustainable Architecture 2020 Sustainability in architecture can take many forms. Eco-labels help us find our way around them all, but even without these certifications, there are many projects with sustainable solutions that minimize the environmental impact of buildings. This applies equally to their construction and their use, even though this is not listed in BREEAM, LEED and other standards. Another aspect not to be taken lightly is how attractive these proposals are, which means people are drawn to them and are more likely to look after them.
One virtuous example of this kind of building is the new library in Half Moon Bay, designed by Noll & Tam Architects. This highly sustainable project with LEED Platinum certification was completed with the citizens’ involvement through a participatory design process. It also received several recognitions, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and American Library Association (ALA) 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Award, and the AIA San Francisco Sustainable Community Infrastructure Award.
The field of exhibitions and fairs produces really eye-catching and at the same time, impactful works for the environment. The studio Rooi Design and Research designed Pavilion S, a sustainable project under the banner of the circular economy for this. With this pavilion, the multidisciplinary team addressed one of the big problems of temporary showrooms in the exhibitions and fairs that come and go, at a time when it is essential to save resources. At the end of the Shanghai International Furniture Fair, where it made its debut, the entire pavilion was dismantled, and 410 sets of tables and chairs were economically produced for a rural community to use.
What’s better than attracting children from a young age to the issues of sustainability? To this end, the Rajasthan School, designed by the Indian firm Sanjay Puri Architects in Ras nel Rajasthan proposes an intrinsically sustainable response, based on the typical architectural elements used in the ancient cities of the state. Open, naturally-ventilated corridors are used for circulation, while semi-sheltered pathways cross through and skirt around the central courtyard and angled, protruding vertical walls act as sunshades.
The Finnish firm JKMM designs sustainable offices. The K-Kampus a campus for 1800 Kesko Corporation employees, occupies a whole city block in Helsinki’s Kalasatama district. This zone is undergoing major urban redevelopment, also thanks to the repurposing or demolition of old buildings. The architects from JKMM focused heavily on energy efficiency, achieved through the use of artificial intelligence that monitors and adjusts the building’s heating, lighting and air conditioning systems. The goal was to keep energy consumption as low as possible while assuring the maximum comfort. The Kesko-Campus is the first office building in Finland to have carbon neutral waste management.
Mexican firm A-001 Taller de Arquitectura designed a sustainable home. Casa Ocoxal is a residential project located in a forest near the town of Valle de Bravo, about 160 kilometres from Mexico City. The architects combined attention to the natural context in terms of style, using sustainable solutions like renewable energy, natural ventilation, and rainwater harvesting to keep occupants comfortable and environmentally aware. 

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