MVRDV + ADEPT, KuBe House of Culture and Movement

ADEPT, MVRDV, Winy Maas,

Adam Mørk,

Rotterdam, Frederiksberg, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark,

Nature Center, Sport & Wellness, Architecture and Culture, Auditorium, Exhibition Center, Free Time, Theater,


A building that improves its users’ quality of life: this the request the architect of MVRDV and ADEPT were asked to respond to in the KuBe House of Culture and Movement in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

MVRDV + ADEPT, KuBe House of Culture and Movement

It’s best to wear comfortable clothes and running shoes when visiting the KuBe House of Culture and Movement designed by architectural studios MVRDV and ADEPT, winners of a design competition held in 2010. The Latin phrase "mens sana in corpore sano" is put into practice in the multipurpose centre in Frederiksberg, Denmark, which promises to keep both body and mind in shape with a combination of theatre, sports and learning, offering opportunities for people to meet and socialise.

Ku.Be House is made up of six main volumes intended for six different functions, clearly recognisable thanks to use of different colours and materials inside the building. The architects have created a new kind of building, questioning the standard ways of moving around inside a construction and encouraging alternative forms of movement. There are not only staircases or hallways in Ku.Be House, but also slides, climbing nets and firemen’s poles; users discover different ways of moving around to get to different parts of the complex, which vary with age and personal preference but always maintain visual contact with the whole.
The building’s connection with the town of Frederiksberg is guaranteed by the garden, designed in collaboration with the landscape architects of SLA and organised into a series of microclimates reflecting the organisation of activities in the different volumes making up the building.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design Team : Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries with Fokke Moerel, Mette Rasmussen, Julius Kirchert, Klaas Hofman, Francisco Pomares, Armor Gutierrez Rivas, Buster Christensen, Attilio Ranieri, Chris Green, Kate van Heusen, Henryk Struski, Emanuela Gioffreda, Raymond van den Broek, Sanne van der Burgh, Karl Johan Nyquist, Maria Lopez and Kasper Albrektsen.
Architects: MVRDV (Rotterdam) + ADEPT (Copenhagen)
Landscape architect: SLA, (Copenhagen)
Engineering & Costing : Søren Jensen, Aarhus, Denmark
M & E: Max Fordham, Edinburgh Movement and Play Consultant : Jens Ole Jensen
Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Images courtesy of MVRDV photo by Adam Mørk



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